The STM Is Getting A Passenger Charter Of Rights To Make It More Accountable To Customers

"I really think that the next two years will be the STM's brightest," the STM vice-chair told MTL Blog.
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The STM Is Getting A Passenger Charter Of Rights To Make It More Accountable To Customers
  • The next revision to the STM strategic plan will include a Passenger Charter of Rights and Responsibilities that will make it more accountable to its customers.
  • In Laval, STL riders can apply for compensation if it doesn't meet its own standards outlined in a similar charter.

On Tuesday, the Montreal city council passed a motion introduced by the opposition calling on the STM to create a Passenger Charter of Rights and Responsibilities. Such a document, councillors argued, would make the STM more accountable to its customers and, as a result, improve service. The charter will be among the revisions to the company's strategic plan for 2025, Craig Sauvé, councillor for the Sud-Ouest and vice-chair of the STM, tells MTL Blog.

Discussion around the charter is still in its "early stages," he said, and will require more research, but that those involved will be looking at models in other cities.

In Toronto, the TTC maintains its own charter "designed to track promises and improvements that benefit customers. It also holds TTC’s management accountable if promises are not met."

In Laval, STL customers can apply for compensation in cases where service does not meet its own standards.

The possibility of a compensation system for the STM "will have to be evaluated," Sauvé told us, adding that the charter must "reflect Montreal realities," including a distinct fare and funding system determined not by the city of Montreal, but by the ARTM.

The city thus "can't force the ARTM" to institute a repayment scheme.

More broadly, Sauvé continued, the STM charter will include a "promise of service," like "targets" for bus punctuality.

STM riders, too, will have to respect an accompanying list of responsibilities meant to avoid service delays.

Asked whether he believes the STM currently isn't accountable enough to its users without a charter, he said that "there are always ways to improve."

Translation: In addition to the projects currently underway, several new projects will see the light of day in our stations in 2020. The #STM is going through a historic period: $17.8 billion will be invested over the next 10 years in asset maintenance and development.

"We have very good service" but aim to "challenge ourselves further" and "clarify our promise to users."

"We want to be the best we can be."

Translation: As the #STM continues its plan to receive 300 hybrid buses in 2020, a major challenge, we would like to thank our customers and employees in this period of transition. The results observed in January are encouraging.

In fact, the Charter is just one of the many advancement and service improvements coming to the STM in the coming years. Sauvé specifically highlighted the addition of 300 buses to the STM fleet.

"Montrealers will see the difference."

"I really think that the next two years will be the STM's brightest."

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