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The STM Is Looking For Quebec Artists To Create Brand-New Artwork For The Montreal Metro

Calling all artists!
The STM Is Looking For Quebec Artists To Create Brand-New Artwork For The Montreal Metro

STM artwork is something to be admired. Thanks to dozens of artists, each station in the metro is unique. From Berri-UQAM to Acadie, metro art is ubiquitous.

Now, the STM is sending a call-out to Quebec artists for submissions. The chosen artist will see their art installed in the Place-des-Arts station on the green line. The call for art is part of an effort to renovate the station that will include the installation of an elevator. 

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TL;DR The STM is asking Quebec artists to submit their artwork by April 26th for review by a committee composed of artists, the City of Montreal’s public art bureau, and the STM. The chosen artwork will be installed in the Place-des-Arts metro station, which is currently undergoing major renovations.

The project is funded by Quebec's Ministre des Transports. According to the press release, "the competition is part of this station expansion project for the installation of elevators, ... and in line with the Politique d’intégration des arts à l’architecture et à l’environnement des bâtiments et des sites gouvernementaux et publics."

La #STM lance un concours pour une nouvelle œuvre #artpublic à la station Place-des-Arts. Cette démarche dans le cadre de l’agrandissement de cette station en vue de l’ajout d’ascenseurs.

Communiqué ➡️

March 25, 2019

Professional artists are eligible to submit their art if they are Canadian citizens or permanent residents living in Quebec. Artists have until April 26th to submit their applications.

Applications will be reviewed by the STM, the City of Montréal’s public art bureau, and a jury composed of influential artist figures. Three finalists will be selected from the pool of applications, and the winner will be announced in September.

As of right now the Place-des-Arts station has two artworks. On the rue Jeanne-Mance exit side, a glasswork by Frédéric Back "pays tribute to the history of music in Montreal, from Jacques Cartier's era to contemporary music." At the De Bleury exit, the station features a mosaic made by Mosaika Art & Design.

🚇♿️À compter du 11 mars, l'édicule De Bleury Nord de la station Place-des-Arts sur la @stm_Verte sera temporairement fermé pour travaux. Ce sera l'occasion pour la #STM d'y implanter des ascenseurs pour assurer son accessibilité universelle. Pour info ➡️

March 4, 2019

The newest installment in the station will be located at the station exit on Kennedy and De Bleury.

You can find the exhaustive rules and regulations here.


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