The STM Is Moving And Cancelling Bus Stops Because Of Poor Snow Removal In Montreal

Montrealers are complaining about being unable to access other bus stops.
The STM Is Moving And Cancelling Bus Stops Because Of Poor Snow Removal In Montreal

There's no doubt that the many winter storms in Montreal this year have caused travelling to be much more difficult. Commuting is no question a nightmare — from the icy walk to the bus stop or station, the slushy water you have to stand in while waiting for public transit, the freezing cold temperatures that feel 10x worse when you're standing still waiting for your bus, and of course... the delays.

Well, as if transit issues couldn't get any worse, according to the Journal de Montreal, multiple bus stops across Montreal have been either cancelled or relocated indefinitely due to winter conditions.

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TL;DR Due to winter conditions, multiple bus stops in Montreal have been cancelled indefinitely. Montrealers have taken their frustrations to Twitter in hopes snow removal teams will solve the issue. More details below.

For many metro stations and bus stops, the only path to actually get to the stop is one made by the footprints of previous commuters. Because of the accumulation of snow the last few weeks, certain bus stops have been relocated, such as the one at the corner of Parthenais and Rouen, which has been shut down since February 14 due to inaccessibility.

Because of the closures and no reopening of the bus stops in sight, Montrealers have begun expressing their frustration of the issue on Twitter: 

Wow, the @stminfo@stm_nouvelles and city of Beaconsfield have really done a terrific job clearing the snow from this bus stop. #58491 in case you guys wanna send someone.

February 17, 2019

Afterwork travel yesterday: 4x my usual time! #stm please refund for bad service. #metro down, #bus overflow with people, not enough buses. This morning, too many buses but it’s #2late

February 15, 2019

@RideauRckcliffe This is stop 6925 Montreal and Hochelaga. Not ideal to have to jump onto a snow bank to get off an articulated bus.

February 15, 2019

Is it just me or is anyone else frustrated with the way Montreal's STM buses are either late or no-shows? I think it's time the mechanics get their acts together. Enough is enough! This has been going on since last year!

February 18, 2019

And for the buses and trains that are running? You'll probably end up waiting for a couple to drive past your stop before you finally get on.

i usually have to wait for 1 or 2 buses to pass by (full) before I can get on in the morning. #STM#Montreal Network needs more buses!

February 16, 2019

Thanks a lot for your info! I am sure that you know that in most bus stops the ice is so thick and dangerous for all of us. I know that is not your responsibility but the Mayor will listen to you more than me and other people. Thanks again 😀

February 17, 2019

If you've been patiently waiting for the day your bus route or path to your stop has been cleared, there is a way to find out its status. The Ville de Montreal website actually has a tracker system that allows you to type in an address and check out whether or not your street is still covered in snow, plowed, planning to be plowed, and more. It's definitely a tool that will come in handy while you decide your course of action for travelling in the city.

For those of us who are still dealing with the closures and shut downs, the struggle will last just a bit longer.


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