Montrealers Can Now Use Public Transit With Their Skis Or Sleds... Even During Rush Hour

Toboggans, too!
The STM Is Now Letting Montrealers To Bring Their Skis Or Sleds On The Metro & Buses
  • The Executive Committee of Montreal has passed a new by-law that allows STM passengers to bring their skis, snowboards, and sleds on the metro and buses at all times.
  • Previously, these items were banned during rush hours.

Montrealers can now use all STM public transit, including the bus and metro, while carrying skis, snowboards, sleds, and other snow-fun-related items, even during rush hour. Have you ever wanted to get to Parc due Mont-Royal with your toboggan or cross-country skis and wondered if you were allowed to take the bus to get there or not? Well, for the past two years, the STM has been allowing the transport of these items, according to the Journal de Montreal, as a test to see if they impacted safety or otherwise got in the way of the regular function of public transport throughout the city.

Before these past two years, it was forbidden to ride during rush hour times, much like it is forbidden to ride with a bike on the metro, between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. or 3 p.m. and 7 p.m.

It used to be that you could get slapped with a fine that ranged from anywhere between $75 and $500.

Now, the STM is changing its tune, thanks to the Executive Committee of Montreal. The Committee adopted a by-law today concerning the behaviours and safety of passengers on the STM, which includes these new rules around snow-toys and public transit.

Projet Montreal posted the tweet below affter the decision was made, where Conseiller Craig Sauvé of St-Henri/Petite-Bourgogne/Pte-St-Charles/Griffintown celebrated, saying, "you can bring your skis to Mount Royal!"

The full tweet reads, "#CEmtl is adopting a by-law concerning safety and user behaviour standards for the STM, which will bring skis and snowboards on buses and the metro!"

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Jeanne Corriveau of Le Devoir also confirmed the change in rules that would lift the ban on moving via public transit with these objects during rush hour.

Her initial tweet reads, "the STM will allow skis, snowboards, and sleds in the subway system, said Craig Sauvé at the executive committee meeting."

Someone then replied, "On the orange line? During rush hour?"

To which Corriveau then confirmed again, "Yes, during rush hour. I forgot to mention that."

In other cities, this is already a common occurrence. 

So far, response to this announcement on Twitter has been relatively quiet. 

We'll have to wait and see how Montrealers react to this news as the snow continues to fall and the snow-centric activities pick up.

According to the Journal de Montreal, in the past two years that the STM has been allowing these types of objects onto public transit during rush hour, there have been no issues reported.

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