There's A Free "Mobile Animal Clinic" Taking Care Of Homeless Dogs In Montreal This Winter

A local veterinarian is single-handedly making a difference.
There's A Free "Mobile Animal Clinic" Taking Care Of Homeless Dogs In Montreal This Winter

If you wander the streets of downtown Montreal, it's common to find homeless individuals accompanied by furry companions. These homeless dogs need just as much medical care and attention as other dogs, but unfortunately, it can be difficult to come by in their difficult circumstances.

That's where local veterinarian and compassionate animal-lover Isabelle Pinard comes in to save the day. According to a recent report by CBC News, Isabelle has set up a bi-monthly animal clinic outside Berri-UQAM metro, where homeless individuals can bring their pets for a free health check-up.

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TL;DR Local veterinarian and compassionate animal-lover Isabelle Pinard has launched an charitable initiative where she is helping homeless dogs and animals across Montreal. She has a bi-montly clinic outside of Berri-UQAM metro, and she is regularly driving around a "mobile clinic" at night, checking up on homeless dogs around Montreal.

Now, Isabelle has taken her noble initiative even further with a kind of "mobile animal clinic." She takes her car out at night and drives around the streets looking for animals in need of her medical expertise.

In general, she can administer vaccines, microchips, and if the animal is ill she can prescribe medicine.

Homeless individuals who have been visited personally by Isabelle are extremely grateful for her generosity and charitable project.

Isabelle wants word of her charitable mission to spread, so that hopefully more like-minded people and organizations may be inspired to help and offer time, energy, and resources toward propelling the initiative forward. 

Many charitable missions start small like this, with the effort of one or few individuals, then slowly build over time. With homeslessness being at an all-time high in Montreal, there is no better time than now to invest in these types of charitable projects.

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Earlier this month, Montreal officials announced that part of the old Royal Victoria Hospital would become a dog-friendly animal shelter this winter.

Let's hope that such initiatives multiply in the new year!

To check out the full report on CBC, click HERE.

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