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28 Most Exciting Things To Do In Montreal This Summer

A bucket list for the season in the city! 🌞
28 Most Exciting Things To Do In Montreal This Summer

Summer is getting underway, and with it comes a host of fun festivals, concerts, outdoor activities and so much more. Of course, much of our free time in the summer is spent lounging in the sun, whether it be in a park, on a terrasse or at home. 

However, summer is about more than just soaking in the sun: the warm season also spells freedom and excitement. Sometimes, you and your friends need adventure and new activities to enjoy. This list compiles some of the most exciting things happening in the city this summer.

Grab a few friends and get ready for the best summer EVER.

Île Soniq

Where: Parc Jean-Drapeau

When: August 9 – 10

Much like Osheaga, Île Soniq is a great music festival. This one is best for lovers of EDM. Lovers of flashy outfits and great music rejoice!

More info can be found on Île Soniq's website.

Piknic Electonik

Where: Parc Jean-Drapeau

When: Sundays between May 19 and September 29

Piknic is exciting for many reasons: a new DJ every week, an awesome atmosphere, and its location in the newly-renovated Plaine des Jeux on Jean-Drapeau.

More info about lineup and tickets here.

La Ronde

Where: 22 Chemin MacDonald, Montreal

When: May – October

La Ronde is a great option for those of you looking to get an adrenaline rush. Their newest ride, Chaos, is sure to get your heart pumping.

For tickets and opening hours, go to La Ronde's website.


Where: Parc Jean-Drapeau

When: August 2 – 4

Nothing spells excitement like a music festival. Whole days filled with music, running from show to show and dancing with friends is a sure-fire way to make a day fly by.

For more information, check the festival website.

Montréal Complètement Cirque

Where: Around the Quartier des Spectacles

When: July 4 – 14

Montreal transforms into an outdoor circus for ten days in July. Free, heart-pumping performances are offered outside for the duration of the festival. The full free program will be unveiled on June 3.

More info about shows and lineup here.


Where: 360 Rue de la Commune E.

When: June 1 – July 10

More info about the lineup and tickets can be found on their website.

International Fireworks Festival

Where: La Ronde

When: Wednesdays and Saturdays between June 29 and July 27

For more info, check La Ronde's website.

Grand Prix Weekend

Where: rue Crescent

When: June 6 – 8

The Grand Prix Races take place on l'Île Sainte Hélène, but many of the festivities take place all over the island. The festivities on Crescent are a hotspot for fun events: outdoor concerts, car expos, and much more.

Find out more here.

Celebrate La Saint-Jean-Baptiste

Where: Locations all around the city.

When: June 24

Festivities for Quebec's provincial day will be taking place on June 23 and 24. To celebrate, Montrealers will be taking part in parades, outdoor concerts and other fun activities.

Learn more about the events happening around Montreal here.

Celebrate Canada Day

Where: All over the city

When: July 1

Celebrate the national holiday with parades, great food and other fun activities. Or, alternatively, help your friends move on the provincial moving day.

A list of all of the activities taking place in Montreal on Canada Day can be found here.

Heavy Montreal

Where: Parc Jean-Drapeau

When: July 27 – 28

Music festivals feature heavily on this list because they are some of the most exciting events taking place in Montreal. Heavy Montreal is no exception: this year's lineup includes some great metal acts.

More info here.

Fierté Montreal

Where: Events will be taking place all around the city.

When: August 8 – 18

Montreal's Pride is "the largest gathering in this matter in the Francophone World." It includes a lineup of concerts, conferences and, of course, a parade.

Learn more about the program here.

Enjoy A Beach Day At The Village Au Pied Du Courant

Where: 2100 rue Notre-Dame E.

When: May 31 – September 15

Each year, the Village au Pied du Courant transforms part of the Saint Lawrence River shore into a market and festival space. There are weekly games and events to check out!

Check it out here!

Go On An Exciting Date

Where: Read this list for date night inspiration.

When: Alllll summer long

Meeting someone new and in need of ideas? Or looking for a novel date with a long-term partner? Our list has great ideas for spending a fun day with bae.

Read our full article here.

Go To A Free BBQ Rib Festival

Where: Pierrefonds

When: August 16 – 18

The Montreal RibFest is an annual event that brings professional ribbers, live music, and other food vendors together for a really great cause!

Read our article about RibFest here!

Try Ziplining In the Old Port

Where: Hangar 16, 363 Rue de la Commune E.

When: Monday – Sunday, 11:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Get your heart pumping by throwing yourself off a ledge and ziplining across the Old Port.

More info about ticket prices and opening hours here.

Go To An Escape Room

Where: Locations throughout Montreal.

When: Monday – Sunday

Montrealers love escape rooms. That's why there are so many all over the city. An evening spent solving clues to get out of a tight space is a great way to inject some thrill into your summer.

More info about A/Maze's different locations can be found here.

Try Skydiving

Where: 200 chemin Lebeau, Farnham and 29 route 125, Saint-Esprit.

When: Monday – Sunday

There's objectively nothing more exciting than skydiving: hurtling through the sky in a freefall before ultimately deploying a parachute and falling to the ground. Try it with your friends this summer!

More info can be found here.

Go To A Taco Festival

Where: L'Espace Canal

When: September 8

El Mercado del Taco is a celebration of Mexican food and culture. In addition to taco vendors, who will compete for the title of Taco of the Year, there will also be live wrestling!

Read our article about the Taco Festival here!

Go Thrift Shopping At The Largest Sale  In The City

Where: 4301 rue Saint-Denis

When: June 15 and June 22

This may not be in the same vein of "excitement" as the previous entry, but vintage clothing afficionados know that there's nothing that compares to the rush of finding the perfect vintage piece. Flohmarket is Montreal's largest vintage pop-up market, and you're guaranteed to find something to adore.

More info here.

Enjoy Festival Mural

Where: All over the Plateau Mont-Royal

When: June 6 – 16

Each year, artists converge on the Montreal Plateau to add to its collection of colourful murals. The festival takes over boulevard St-Laurent with merchants, food, song, dance, and live mural production! The festival is free to attend!

Discover more at the Festival Mural website here!

Try A New Bar

Where: Check out this masterlist of bars you'll want to try more than once

When: All summer!

There's nothing quite like like the thrill of finding a great new hidden spot in the city. Check out a new bar for a fun and exciting night out with your friends.

Read our full article here.

Go To Jardins Gamelins

Where: 550 boul. de Maisonneuve E.

When: Open every night until 11:00 p.m. until September 29

The Jardins Gamelin is a public space adjacent to the Berri-UQAM metro station that is host to a number of summer activities and events, including musical performances and food vendor gatherings. Grab a beer, and spend a summer evening listening to some great tunes.

More info about opening hours and activities here.

Watch An Outdoor Movie

Where: Locations across the city!

When: June – August

Several companies construct outdoor movie theatres in the summer months. Many of them are free to attend. Make a picnic for an evening watching films under the stars.

Read our article about outdoor movie theatres here.

Go To A Street Food Festival

Where: Olympic Stadium

When: : June 7, July 5, August 2, September 6

On the first Friday of every month, Food Trucks gather at the Montreal Olympic Stadium to share their specialties with hungry Montrealers.

Check out First Fridays on the Olympic Park website here!

BIXI The Length Of The Lachine Canal

Where: Lachine Canal (Old Port to Lachine)

When: Whenever!

For the first time ever, there are BIXI stations at both ends of the Lachine Canal, allowing Montrealers to bike its entire length. This is one of the most beautiful bike routes in the entire city. Pack a picnic and enjoy an afternoon of gentle biking!

Prices and subscription information can be found on the BIXI website!

Dance At The Montreal Jazz Festival

Where: Place des Festivals

When: June 26 – July 6

The Montreal Jazz Fest is an internationally-renowned event that brings together the biggest jazz artists in the world. For its 40th edition this year, the festival will be bigger and better than ever!

Check out the Jazz Fest website here for ticket information!

Take A Dip At The New Urban Beach

WAA | Ville de Montréal

Where: Verdun Beach

When: June – September

The Verdun Beach is a new, landscaped public park on the shore of the Saint Lawrence River in the Montrel borough of Verdun. The new space will open by the end of June, according to one source, but no definite opening date is set! Stay tuned!

Read our article for more information on the new Verdun Beach!

That sums up the list of the most exciting things to do this summer. These 28 activities should help you get your adrenaline fix for the next few months.

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