These Completely Immersive Electronic Dance Parties In Montreal Are Just $8 This Summer

They're mesmerizing!
These Completely Immersive Electronic Dance Parties In Montreal Are Just $8 This Summer

If you missed Saturday's Dômesicle party at the Satosphère, don't worry! They are holding parties throughout the summer with the next one held this coming Saturday, July 20th.

This is a completely immersive experience that lets partygoers get taken over by breathtaking visuals all to the background of some serious electronic music from a few of Montreal's biggest labels

And the best part is that if you book your ticket in advance it will only set you back $8

The Société des Arts Technologiques has held these yearly events for a while now and if you're a fan of electronica, they are wild.

Held from 10 PM to 3 AM, you can dance the night away while a unique Montreal art exhibit is projected 360° on the dome walls

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It's a completely engrossing experience, tickling just about every sense you have. This year they will even have a drinks bar (yes, alcoholic drinks) for your tastebuds

Check out the video below to give you an idea of past events: 

If you don't want to plan ahead you can still buy tickets at the door for only $10 or if you're a die-hard fan of this immersive experience you can buy a bundle of 3 nights for $20.  

[rebelmouse-image 26890939 photo_credit="SAT" expand=1 original_size="900x600"] SAT

This Saturday will feature music by Priori, Gene Tellem, Dust-e-1 to name a few. Visual will be supplied by Level of Detail whose passion for visual arts and music has led them to work on projects from Brittany Spears to Cirkopolis. 

The parties are running every Saturday through to August 17th. So it's not too late!

To find out more about the Dômesicle Parties, visit their website here

Here's everything you need to know.

WHAT: Dômesicle Parties – Summer Edition

WHEN: Every Saturday to August 17th, 2019.

WHERE: 1201 Boul. Saint-Laurent 

COST: $8 in advance or $20 for 3 evenings in advance.