These Friends Visited Every Single Montreal STM Metro Station In Less Than 4 Hours And Filmed The Whole Thing (Video)

Challenge accepted.
These Friends Visited Every Single Montreal STM Metro Station In Less Than 4 Hours And Filmed The Whole Thing (Video)

Even the most die-hard Montrealers, I'm talking people who are born and raised here, probably have not visited every single metro station.

And when I say "visited" I don't mean that you stayed in the car while it passed through the station. Visiting a station only counts if you get out of the car and explore the station and even the surrounding neighbourhood.

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TL;DR Two friends challenged themselves to visit all 68 Montreal metro stops and filmed the entire process. The video was posted on Youtube just today. Check it out below!

Visiting a random metro station you've never been to always makes for a fun and spontaneous activity, especially in the winter, when, despite the cold outside, the transit system remains nice and cozy (even sweltering).

Visiting random new metro stations is also a creative and inexpensive date idea for two people who are not from Montreal, and even for Montrealers who have found themselves stuck in a neighbourhood bubble.

The STM metro system has a total of 68 stops! That's a lot of new places to visit and explore. 

Sure, you might end up getting to the metro station and being totally disappointed — some stations are much nicer than others. Or you might be pleasantly surprised! Most metro stations are mini hubs of activity with cafés and restaurants all around.

That said, these friends took up the insane task of visiting all 68 stops and filmed the entire process. They posted this video to Youtube just today.

The video is quite long, about 29 minutes, and could definitely use some editing. But it's still extremely interesting.

Maybe this will become the new local challenge!

The route the video-takers plan also seems a bit inefficient. It takes them well over three hours to complete the project. It could probably be done in much less time, if anyone wants to try to set a record.

Regardless, it's still a fun project to take on if you're restless in the city. Check out the video below!

If you know of anyone who has attempted the same challenge let us know!

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