These Montreal Homes For Sale Might As Well Be Filming Locations For The Next "Home Alone"

Living like a McCallister is not cheap!
These Montreal Homes For Sale Might As Well Be Filming Locations For The Next "Home Alone"

Disney is producing a Home Alone remake in Montreal this winter. Locals are thrilled about the news but it comes as no surprise as Montreal has a lot of homes that are almost identical to the iconic McCallister house and best of all, some of them are for sale! When I was a little girl, I was convinced that Home Alone was filmed in Montreal. My 6-year-old mind constructed the illusion that where I lived was the exact town that Kevin called home. Now, my somewhat mature mind can’t help but wonder what Mr. McCallister did for a living. 

He had a seemingly endless number of children and was able to house them all in a quite impressive home.

These similar homes on Montreal Island are concentrated in two of its most prestigious municipalities: Westmount and the Town of Mount Royal. 

Each of these breathtaking houses would cost you a pretty penny. Spoiler alert: they are all way over 1 million dollars.

However, if you do have a couple million lying around, these dream homes will allow you to feel like you are living inside of a classic movie. 

I actually went to check out the real Home Alone house and from the looks of Google and it is completely blurred out. I am guessing that the home itself is a bigger diva than the actors who played in the film. 

Storybook Mansion

google street view

This Westmount mansion is on the market and it is giving me major Home Alone vibes. The family who owns the residence has decided to sell it after passing it down through generations.

The extraordinary high ceilings, large rooms and summer pavilion allow this property contribute to the property's hefty $8.5 million pricetag.

If Mr. McCallister can afford a home like this, then I need to reconsider my career choices.

View the listing here!

Charming Cinematic Home

Katina Goulakos

This home located in TMR is without a doubt one of the most elegant homes on the market. And, of course, it oozes McCallister charm.

This stunning cottage has an in-ground pool, double garage, and sits on more than 9,200 square feet of land. From the abundance of natural light that fills it to the impressive master suite that includes a boudoir, this dream home can be yours for a little over 3 million dollars!

View the listing here!

Upper Westmount Mansion

google street view

Upper Westmount is the Beverly Hills of Montreal. The homes are lavish, the cars are fancy, and everyone who lives there seems to have found the key to financial success.

This outstanding and beautifully landscaped home sits on a private lot of almost half an acre.

The remarkable manor house is similar in style to the famous Home Alone house and it can be yours for just 10 million dollars!

View the listing here!

Impressive Cottage

google street view

This superb cottage is located in the west sector of the Town of Mount Royal and within walking distance of schools, parks, and other services.

This mansion was renovated in a Tudor architectural style and features many living areas and a ton of windows. The oak floors and striking rooms will amaze every visitor.

For a little over $1.9 million, this McCallister mansion can be your new home!

View the listing here!

Brick Paradise

google street view

There is an undeniable charm that emanates from this house and I can’t help but think it would be a great location for the Home Alone reboot.

The exquisite brick cottage can be found on one of the most prestigious streets in all of TMR.

The home includes 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and will cost you just a little over $1.8 millio.

What can I say — having a movie star home can be pricey.

View the listing here!

Hidden Gem 

Katina Goulakos

This Home Alone-esque house looks like it is straight out of a fairytale.

Although this home is situated on one of the most popular streets in Westmount, it still remains discreet, nestled inside its lot.

The meticulously maintained home has a concrete pool, private gardens, and an elevator. That’s right, if you buy this home you will never have to walk up the stairs again!

The only problem with this outstanding home is that it is on the market for over $7.9 million.

View the listing here!

Maybe one of these homes will be the filming location for the next Home Alone. Only time will tell.

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