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These Sprawling Lavender Fields Are Only 1.5 Hours Away From Montreal

If you need some romance in your life, this road trip is worth every moment.
Lavander field

If you need to getaway from the city to step back and recentre yourself, one of the most romantic and serene places you can go is just 1.5-hour car ride away.

Located in the Eastern Townships, the lavender farm, Bleu Lavande is a magical getaway that promotes beauty and organic health and wellness products. This is a place you can just breathe.

It's truly the ideal time to take a trip here as this July 27-28 marks the height of the Lavender bloom. And it is spectacular. 

In celebration of its beauty, Bleu Lavande will be hosting their own Lavender Festival complete with workshops, animations and food tastings guessed it...lavender...from 10 AM to 4 PM this weekend

If walking through the fields doesn't bring you peace of mind, they also offer massages in open-air tents and every Thursday you can participate in yoga classes held directly on the grounds. 

Yes, it's romantic. But it also makes the perfect friend getaway, especially if that friend is great with a camera. It is so picturesque here you will want nothing more than to don your favorite Anne of Green Gable's straw hat and Instagram away.

Interesting fact, lavender is also used as an organic mosquito repellent. And from someone who was attacked this past weekend by the most vicious mosquitoes even while doused in DEET, this sounds like a much more pleasant alternative.

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If picnics are your thing, you can also purchase a premade lunchbox made with local products only and enjoy it on the grounds of the fields. Which can be the perfect ending to an idyllic day.

So, if doing yoga in a lavender field at the height of its bloom in your favorite Lululemon pants while your friend Instagrams the whole thing doesn't fulfill all your basic 2019 desires about who you've become as a person...nothing will. Namaste.

Lavender Fields at Bleu Lavande

WHEN: Everday from 10 AM to 5 PM

WHERE: 891 Chemin Narrows, Stanstead, QC 

COST: Starting at $10 for a self-guided tour 


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