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These Twin Skyscrapers Connected By A Skybridge Are Coming To Downtown Montreal

After decades of boring design, Montreal is finally getting some interesting architecture in its latest building boom.

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TL;DR Developers plan to break ground on the Maestria condominium towers next year. The two towers with views of Place-des-Arts will be among the tallest in the city. The sky bridge that will connect them will make the project one of the city's most architecturally interesting.

In the 1960s and 70s, the city was the epicenter of futuristic design. Place Vill-Marie and the Olympic Stadium, both constructed in that era, have become landmarks.

Sure, some of the latest developments are pretty ugly, but consider some of the new, glassy façades at Place-des-Arts, or the sleek and mysterious-looking new Four Seasons Hotel and Residences.

The skyline is starting to become more dense, too. Downtown, a handful of new towers are finally starting to match the heights of buildings constructed decades ago.

Now, perhaps the most daring new project in living memory has been revealed. 

Developers are planning the construction of two, nearly identical towers at Place-des-Arts.

The enormous structures would be connected by a skybridge with sweeping views of the festival space below.

Via Maestria

The proposed Maestria condominium skyscrapers would rise 51 and 53 floors, making them among the tallest and most striking in the city.

The 1500 condos inside would likely become some of the most prestigious properties in not only Montreal, but the entire country. 

Developers would like to begin construction by the end of 2019, but that's no guarantee. 

Stay tuned for updates on this incredible project. Read more about the Maestria towers on the project website here.


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