8 Happy Things To Do In & Around Montreal To Make You Forget About The Depressing Weather

Yes, there are still reasons to leave the house this winter.
8 Happy Things To Do In & Around Montreal To Make You Forget About The Depressing Weather

The most depressing day of the year is said to be January 20 or "Blue Monday." But for some of us, it seems to have started early this year. That Montreal winter slump has already set in. The onset of cold, the shorter days, heading to work when it's dark and then heading home when it's dark can all take its toll on the cheeriest of us. With that in mind, I wanted to take a look at some of the things to do in & around Montreal that might bring a little joy back into our lives over the winter months. 

While there are a ton of outdoor things to do like skating in the Old Port, sledding down Tremblant, I decided to leave them off the list for things that take less physical activity.

Yeah, fresh air will do us all good - we've all heard it before - but these days I don't want to do much more than sit in the warmth of my house in PJs, or whatever is one very small step up from that. 

Here are eight things to do in and around Montreal that will hopefully help put a little smile back on our faces. 

Take A Walk In Van Gogh's Footsteps

WHERE: "Imagine Van Gogh" at Arsenal Art Contemporain, 2020 Rue William - from December 5, 2019, to February 2, 2020.

COST: Tickets range between $16 to $36. Act fast - 3 days are already sold out!

In this immersive exhibit, you'll be able to experience Van Gogh's work like never before. Psychologists say time and time again that art is good for one's soul, so this place is a perfect spot to help raise your spirit.

Read more about it!

Sip A Coffee While Haning Out With Cats Café Chat L'Heureux

Where: 172 Avenue Duluth E.

Cost: Filtered coffee: $2.95

When the weather gets you down, head to one of Montreal's cat cafes where you can sip a coffee while surrounded by rescue cats.

Find out more info!

Have A Drink On A Indoor Terrasse

Where: Various locations around Montreal

Surround yourself with nature from the comfort of the indoors. Montreal has tons of indoor spots where you can grab a drink and feel like you're relaxing in a garden.

Check out the list of spots!

Walk an Alpaca

Where: 2300 Rue Cowie, Granby

Cost: $15 for 20 minutes

Until December 31 you can rent an alpaca to take on a fifteen-minute stroll through the woods. It's about an hour and a half from Montreal, so you can get some time out of the city.

Read more about where you can do this!

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Try Indoor Surfing

Where: 9520 Leduc, Suite 01 Brossard, Quartier Dix30

Cost: 30-minute intro starts at $49

This is the only real indoor surf center in Canada. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or expert they have waves for every level - from two to six feet. Grab your shorts and pretend you've escaped to Hawaii for the day.

Check out the site for more info!

Spend The Evening At Noël Dans Le Parc

Where: Place Émilie-Gamelin; Parc Des Compagnons
De Saint-Laurent; Parc Lahaie

Cost: Free

It may be outside, but you don't have to do much other than bundle up and get ready to have your holiday spirit explode. There are vendors, live music, fire pits, and enough Christmas decorations to help lighten your mood.

Read more about the events!

Drink a Unicorn Latte  

Cost: $7.50 plus tax

Where: Petit Lapin: 1051 Ave. Bernard

They are cute, they're delicious, there's a chance it could make you feel worse about yourself. Everything in Pâtisserie Petit Lapin is like happiness come to life, from the pretty pink decor to the brightly colored drinks.

Find out more!

Spend The Day Playing Games At The Arcade 2000

Where: 1381 Saint-Catherine St W

Cost: Depends on how much you want to play

Head over to Laval and spend the day playing over 80 games like pinball, air table hockey, dance battles. It's like an instant time travel back to your childhood. The official opening is December 5.

Check out the Facebook page!

Hopefully at least one of these will help ease that winter slump.

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