10 Unique Things To Do In Montreal If You're Over Getting Drinks Downtown

Instead of spending money on a hangover, spend money on an experience instead!
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10 Unique Things To Do In Montreal If You're Over Getting Drinks Downtown
  • Going for drinks at one of the many downtown bars can get boring fast, which is why MTL Blog has made a list of unique things to do in Montreal, so you can avoid getting caught in the "let's go for drinks" trap.
  • Read all about the cool things you can be doing during your next Montreal adventure below!

Here's one way to bore a local Montrealer: suggest getting drinks downtown. Now, don't get me wrong, there's nothing bad about notre centre-ville but if you've lived here for an extended period, you know that downtown is way overplayed and overhyped. It can sometimes be a struggle to find something else to do besides getting drinks, which is why we've made a list of 10 unique things to do in Montreal - so you don't have to settle for spending your night with expensive cocktails and loud music.

For tourists, that struggle is even more real because your average guidebook suggests the run-of-the-mill activities more often than not. Again, there's nothing wrong with getting drinks at a downtown bar, but sometimes, you want more. 

To be honest, you're kind of missing out if all you're doing is drinking your night away. Montreal has so many unique and exciting experiences that it's a shame if you're not taking full advantage. Whether alone you do it alone or with friends, change is a good thing! 

So instead of spending your hard-earned money on a hangover, why not spend it on an experience instead?

MTL Blog has curated a list of some of the most unique things to do in Montreal if you're over getting drinks! If you want the hangover and experience both, there are options a-plenty on this list! 

Here are 10 unique things to do in Montreal if you're over getting drinks downtown! 

Go See a Drag or Burlesque Show

Where: Across Montreal

Montreal has historically been known as a "sin city" and there's no better way to revel in that sin like seeing a drag or burlesque show!

You can see Montreal's best drag queens and kings at Cabaret Mado, The Wiggle Room, and Bar le Cocktail. To see up-and-coming queens, venues like the Diving Bell Social Club and Cafe Cléopatre are tons of fun. The Wiggle Room and Cléopatre also put on incredibly saucy burlesque shows.

Visit a Museum That Isn't the MMFA

Where: Across Montreal

While walking around the Museum of Fine Arts is fun and free, I think we can all admit that spending a day at the MBAM is a little...basic. So, instead of fine arts, how about a museum dedicated to physics?

Montreal is home to many curious and odd museums like the aforementioned McPherson and Rutherford Collection, a museum dedicated to the contraptions used by a 19th-century experimental physics professor.

If physics isn't your bag, you can check out the Emile Berliner Museum of Sound, an eclectic collection of vintage audio artifacts like phonographs and cassette players.

And finally, get creeped out at the Musée Eudore-Dubeau, a museum dedicated to the history of dentistry. If you thought going to the dentist is bad in 2020, wait 'til you see how they did a root canal in 1820.

Experience a Visual Journey at The SAT

Where: 1201 Blvd St-Laurent

If you want to experience a trip without the druggy side effects, you should go to a show at the Société des arts technologiques or simply, the SAT.

Attracting world-famous DJs and VJs, the SAT is Montreal's only modular theatre, with a 360-degree spherical screen projecting cutting edge digital visuals. The SAT hosts both visual-only shows and dance nights in the dome - pick your poison and enjoy the trip!

Check out the press release to read all about the SAT Fest 2020, which is happening now until February 28!

Smash Something at the Rage Cage

Where: 5335 ave Casgrain

Have you ever wanted to smash the shit out of a large appliance but couldn't because your mom would lose it on you? Montreal's Rage Cage lets you tap into that repressed anger and unleash it on some unsuspecting objects.

Located in the Sports de Combats centre, the Rage Cage is a fun and cathartic way to spend a few hours for the price of what you'd end up paying for drinks. Make sure to bring a friend or two for even more fun!

Find a Games Bar and Relive Your Childhood 

Where: Across Montreal

Maybe you still would like to sit and have a few drinks but are struggling to hear your friends over the blaring top 40s playlist and constant yelling from that bachelorette party in the corner. Surely, there has to be a better way.

Luckily, Montreal is home to many bars that feature games and arcades. Challenge your brainy friends to Scrabble at Randolph Pub Ludique. Try to beat the high scores at Arcade MTL. Enter an 80s time capsule and play pinball at North Star Pinball. Wherever you go, it's certain that you'll have a night out like no other!

Spelunk In An Urban Cave

Where: 5200 blvd Lavoisier; Parc Pie-XII

This one is not for the claustrophobic. Between May and August, you can spelunk in an urban cave located under Parc Pie-XII in Saint-Leonard!

Guided by a qualified speleologist, visitors to this urban cave will see Montreal like never before. Keep in mind that this activity is only available in the summer months!

Watch Local Pro-Wrestling Stars

Where: 1611 rue St-Clément

Yes, we all know it's choreographed and scripted, but who cares? Live pro wrestling is one of the most electrifying shows you can see.

If you're a fan or have always wanted to check it out, forget about spending $100 for nosebleed WWE tickets at the Bell Centre. Get up close and personal, support your local wrestlers, and attend an ICW show in St-Henri!

Hone Your Jedi Skills

Where: 202-4767 rue Dagenais

With all the Baby Yoda mania going around, Star Wars isn't going anywhere for a long time. You'd do well hone your Jedi (or Sith!) skills!

Spend the day at Montreal's Force Academy for a unique experience that'll both challenge you and make your inner child happy. Grab a lightsaber and duel your friends for the fate of the galaxy!

Dance To The Oldies...On Ice!

Where: 2000 Chemin Remembrance

This is a perfect winter activity for those who can't stand bars and clubs but still want to get weird. From Thursday to Sunday evenings until the end of February, Montreal's Beaver Lake transforms into a disco skating rink until 9 p.m.

Featuring themed music nights and a unique opportunity to test your dance moves on ice, the Beaver Lake skating rink music nights are a must for anyone looking for a fun outdoor winter activity!

Watch The Planes Land With a Blanket & a Bottle of Wine

Where: Parc Jacques-de-Lesseps

There's a small, little known park right near the airport that's open to the public where you can feel 80,000 kilograms of airplane skim the top of your head. It's a feeling like no other, trust me.

Perhaps you can reserve this activity for those warmer nights, but no one is stopping you and your date from cuddling up under a blanket with a bottle of wine and watching the planes land!

Enjoy your next adventure, Montreal!

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