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11 Best Friend Date Ideas To Get You Through Montreal's Winter Together

Grab your best friend and go on a Montreal adventure!
11 Best Friend Date Ideas To Get You Through Montreal's Winter Together
  • We all know that there are tons of things to do in Montreal, but as the cold weather starts to take over, we occasionally need to be reminded of all the things our city has to offer.
  • And who better to experience the greatness of Montreal with than your best friend? This is why MTL Blog made a list of ideas for best friend dates during the winter.
  • Discover some of the coolest things to do around the city with your bestie during these cold months below!

Yes, it's cold, which makes it a whole lot easier to stay cozied up in your apartment and hibernate like bears do for the next five months. But, eventually, you're going to want to sneak out of hiding and do something fun, and who better to do something with than your best friend? With all the things to do in Montreal, there's no reason for you to be spending all your time with your friends just staying at each other's houses.

The beauty of going on a date with your best friend is that you automatically know you're going to have a good time. There's no stress attached to it like on other dates when you have to worry about if there's something in your teeth or that you'll run out of things to talk about.

From arcade nights to museum days, this list has got you covered for best friend dates ideas to last you through the winter season!

So, don't let the cold weather keep you away from the people you need most! Rather, get together with your sidekick and embrace what the winter months in Montreal have to offer. 

Watch Airplanes Land Together

It comes as a surprise to many that this can be a winter activity, but if you dress properly, bring a blanket, and grab a hot chocolate on the way - you'll be all set for a fun few hours of watching planes come and go!

Also, if you ever get too cold, you can make your way to Louks Brewery, which is right next to the airport, and watch the planes land from inside, with some locally brewed beers in hand!

Whether you decide to embrace the cold or enjoy this view from inside, this is sure to make for an awesome time with your closest friend(s).

Spend A Day Walking Along Rue Notre-Dame

One of Montreal's most happening streets is worth spending an entire day on! Rue Notre-Dame is certainly known for its many restaurants, so you can be assured that your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all the snacking in between is covered here.

Besides food, you can visit the numerous vintage stores, check out the Basilica, and read book blurbs in the many book stores on the street. You'll get to spend time appreciating both your friendship and the city that you live in. A 2 in 1!

Explore Montreal's Wine Bars Together

Going on a wine date with a significant other is cool and all, but it's hands down always better with your best friend. You can to catch up on everything happening in your lives, complain about anything that's happened in the past little while with no judgement, and get to laugh about past memories that you shared together.

All this while cheers-ing with a nice glass of wine! Whether you like red, white, rosé, or bio-wine, MTL Blog made a list of the best places in the city to take your favourite person out for a glass of wine. Check it out here!

Enjoy A Dumpling Date

Okay, yes, any food date is awesome, but little compares to a dumpling date with your bestie. These warm and savoury bites of heaven are a perfect way to heat yourselves up during the extra cold days.

If you're looking for the best spots in Montreal to go for dumplings, check out our list here! Your stomach and your best friend will both thank you for bringing them to enjoy these steamy, flavourful bites.

Go Ice Skating Together

You see it in all the heteronormative Hallmark romcoms that a couple falls in love the second they start going skating. So, why not go with someone you already love? Like your best friend.

The Old Port is always a great go-to skating spot for locals and tourists alike. Other cool spots to ice skate around the city are at Mount Royal Park or Parc La Fontaine. Basically, all the places you used to have picnics during the summer become ideal spots to skate around during the winter. Oh, the sweet versatility of Montreal!

Pig Out On A Dessert Date

People always say that when you get into a relationship, you start to gain weight because you eat out all of the time. Well, it's winter and putting on a pound or ten would do us all some good - or at least would help keep us warm.

So, in this vein, you and your best friend would be doing yourselves favours by going out for a brownie and a hot chocolate.

But let's be honest, calories don't count during the holiday season - right?

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Relax Together With A Spa Date

The holidays can be both the best time of the year and the most stressful - all at once. And, I don't know about you, but as the cold weathers start to subsume us, I really start to miss spending my days in water like I do during the summer months. So, luckily for us, Montreal has tons of spas where you can go to both relax and spend the day pretending it's still summer!

If you want to make it a whole weekend excursion, you can sleep in an igloo at Centre Le Rituel Spa. Talk about a real Canadian experience! And who better to share it with then your best friend?

Go On A Museum Date

Montreal has art museums in abundance, with your well-known ones like Musée des Beaux-Arts and the MAC, and then other much-anticipated exhibitions like "Imagine Van Gogh."

Whether you and your bestie are history lovers and will spend your day discussing different art movements or you both go to museums to giggle at the emotional faces of the people in Renaissance paintings, this makes for the perfect way to spend time together.

Also, a number of museums, like Foundation Phi, in Montreal are free. So, if you're just trying to have a good time with a close friend and not spend a dime, this is your solution!

Have An Arcade Night

Whether you have one best friend or four, going to an arcade is the perfect activity for you all to get together and do! Everyone lets a little piece of their inner child out while throwing playing things like DDR and bowling, so there's no doubt you and your bestie(s) would have a great time doing so.

While there are quite arcades around Montreal, bowling at the Forum is only $5 per person on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so you can have a whole night of games at this price!

Rent A Chalet For The Weekend

If you and your best friend are blessed with the same work schedule, you should take advantage of such by having a little getaway together! By doing this, you'll get to destress and have the conversations you've been meaning to have while both of your lives have been busy.

Honestly thanks to the rise of Airbnb, chalets can be relatively cheap - especially when you're splitting them! So, instead of a 1 on 1 best friend escape, you can also round up a group of your friends and disappear into the woods for a weekend. The more the merrier!

Have A Habs & Poutine Outing

Going to a Habs game is way more than just watching hockey, it's a deeply embedded part of Montreal culture, so you'd be embracing your city by bringing your best friend to a game.

Also, some people don't even come to watch the game while they're here, others come to eat. And when I say eat, I mean eat 5-pound poutine that may give you heart problems. If you and your bestie like to eat, you may have just found your next big meal. Get all the deets here!

'Tis the season to for best friend dates, Montreal!

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