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This Colourful New Montreal Ice Cream Shop Has Lactose-Free Soft Serve & A Surprise New Flavour Every Week

Unicone also serves regular soft serve with some unique flavours!
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Ice cream from Unicone in Montreal

Enjoy today's chill day because it's about to get extraordinarily hot in Montreal and you're going to need all the help you can get! What better way to cool off than with a delicious ice cream cone? 

Try a treat from Montreal's all-new soft-serve ice cream parlour: Unicone! The adorable ice cream shop is your new go-to summer spot in the heart of the Plateau. 

You mustn't sacrifice your values or your stomach to enjoy Unicone's incredible soft-serve ice cream because they have vegan and lactose-free options! Don't worry, Unicone also makes original recipe soft-serve as well!

Unicone opened in June to rave reviews. The family-run business is owned by two sisters who are committed to providing a high-quality soft-serve every single time. Each week, Unicone creates a brand-new flavour, inspired by international cuisine. 

The rotating menu remains a secret until the week begins. Everyone should come to experience all of Unicone's unique original creations! This week, their flavour is Mango Sticky Rice! Something about that sounds kinda perfect on a hot summer day, don't you think? 

For those of you who like to stick with the classics, Unicone also serves vanilla and chocolate soft serve to go along with their vegan, lactose-free, and international flavours. There's something for everyone at Unicone!

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Upon entering Unicone, you're greeted by the adorable decor and a totally Instagram worthy flower wall. The small shop has some room inside and outside for you to kick back and eat your ice cream before it melts in the scorching heat. 

Unicone is open every day from 1 PM to 10 PM and is located at 3813A rue Saint-Denis. 

Happiness equals ice cream, am I right? To beat the heat and have a chill, swing by Unicone and enjoy! 

WHAT: Unicone Ice Cream Shop

WHERE: 3813A rue Saint-Denis (Plateau)

To find out more about Unicone, check out their official Instagram page!

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