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This "Feminist Café" In Montreal's Mile End Has Vegan Options & Doubles As A Boutique

A latte while you shop? Why not!
This "Feminist Café" In Montreal's Mile End Has Vegan Options & Doubles As A Boutique
  • Les Impertinents in the Mile End calls itself a "feminist café."
  • They encourage patrons to bring their dogs and also have vegan options and a cute little boutique!

One of the things I love most about living in Montreal is that there is a new discovery to be made every day. From amazing restaurants, to adorable cafés and beautiful boutiques, Montreal has a truly captivating essence. 

Les Impertinents, located on Boulevard Saint-Laurent is a self-proclaimed feminist café, according to their social media, but the reality is, it is so much more than that.  

Owned and run by two sisters, this little Montreal treasure is one of those true local spots that makes you feel like you belong. What I love about Les Impertinents is that they truly believe in women empowering women, a strategy the world desperately needs. 

Of course, the coffee is delicious and the décor is great but what impresses me about this spot is how tasty and healthy the food is.

They even have vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options, which means you can go with your group of friends without having to worry if everyone will find something to eat. They also always have fresh juices and a variety of treats, salads, and sandwiches to pick from daily. 

The tables are big enough to eat while you work and the energy is so welcoming you will never want to leave. It is a great environment if you want to read a book or grab a bite with your girls.

The café also includes a small boutique lined with adorable outfits, unique accessories, and even home goods and art. You can tell that each item is chosen with a purpose, which makes shopping so much more enjoyable.    

These ladies are also known for throwing feminist-centric events like book readings and blogger events about various female issues. 

Also, they welcome dogs!

You can follow them on Instagram here to stay up to date on all developments at Les Impertinents.

Les Impertinentes

Where: 5380 Boulevard St-Laurent  


Monday – Thursday, 10 a,m. – 8 p.m.
Friday – Sunday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Instagram page

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