This Map Of Downtown Montreal's Food Courts Will Guide You Through Your Next Lunch Break

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This Downtown Montreal Food Court Map Will Guide You Through Your Next Lunch Break
  • Below is a list of popular downtown Montreal food courts along with a map that demonstrates their spread across the city.
  • It seems food courts and halls are becoming ever more popular, each catering to a different clientele and offering a unique dining experience.
  • Get all the details below.

Food is a big part of the lifestyle in Montreal — we love to eat. Thankfully, this means even lunch break meals and snacks on the go don't need to be dull. The numerous food courts in downtown Montreal make the city stand out from its peers — cities that are devoid of cuisine and culture in their central business districts. The openings of Le Central and Time Out Market, especially, have given all of us the urge to re-explore the food courts in our city. This list and accompanying map will guide you through your downtown eating and give you a sense of what each of these food destinations has to offer. 

There is something about a good food court that people simply love. Perhaps it is the abundance of options, or the decent meals at reasonable prices.

Whatever the reason, the food hall concept is blowing up and downtown Montreal is now home to a growing number, each with their own niche and clientele.

If you live or work in the downtown area, or if you want to just venture out and explore the food court scene, this guide is about to make your taste buds very happy! 

Note that this list does not include temporary food courts or locations that are not yet open.

At the bottom of the list, you'll find the interactive map, which displays the spread of courts across the downtown area.

Alexis Nihon

Alexis Nihon is always a go-to for students attending Dawson. However, after renovations, I must say Alexis Nihon has quite a bit to offer, especially when it comes to food.

In the mall, there is Kojax Souvlaki, Dagwoods, McDonalds, Starbucks, Thai Express, Tim Hortons, and more.

There is also a good variety of stores including Marshalls, Delilah, Mercuri, and Canadian Tire.


Les Cours Mont-Royal

LCMR is easily forgotton unless you're getting off the metro at Peel and passing through to get to your next destination.

Although this isn’t the biggest and most desirable food court, there are a handful of options including a Liquid Nutrition.

Les Cours Mont-Royal also has a few restaurants within the mall, including Green Café and Fondue de Pekin.


Carrefour Industrial Alliance 

Better known to most as the “Simons” mall, Carrefour Industrial Alliance has always had a great food court. The seemingly limitless options even include an Oly Fresco’s.

Visitors can find everything from pizza to poutine, noodles, and ice cream!


Centre Eaton 

The Centre Eaton has always been a favourite food court for those who work or study in the downtown area.

This court is tucked away in the basement of the mall but has earned a solid reputation among Montrealers. Its popularity is sure to grow once the Centre completes its renovations.


Time Out Market

If you are looking for something a little more upscale, then Time Out Market is for you.

Also located in Centre Eaton, Time Out Market recently opened its doors and Montreal locals have been flocking over to stuff their faces with dishes from some of the most popular local spots.

Time Out Market is a "food hall," not a food court, so everything is a little higher end. Montreal restaurants like Chasse et Peche, Red Tiger and Hof Kelsten have all found a new home in this impressive food hall.


Place Montreal Trust

Place Montreal Trust is not as jam-packed with options as some of the other food courts and halls but it still has enough to satisfy your cravings.

From McDonalds and Subway to Sukiyaki and Tiki-Ming, Place Montreal Trust is a good option for a fast and tasty meal.

And, as a bonus, there is a Winners next to the food court!


Complexe Desjardins

Complexe Desjardins is one of downtown Montreal’s best options when it comes to food courts.

Within the mall, there is a slew of eateries to pick from, including Mucho Burrito, Saint Cinnamon, Copper Branch, and A&W.

There is even a Baton Rouge and Eggspectation if you are looking for something a little more than a food court meal.


Gare Centrale 

Gare Centrale is not just a train station. It's a centre of activity for the many office buildings that surround it, making it a popular lunchtime destination.

Within the building lives a McDonalds and a Première Moisson as well as a Chop Crazy, Dame Nature Restaurant, and Leonidas for those of us that crave something sweet after lunch!


Le Central

Le Central is located at the corner of rue Sainte-Catherine and blvd. Saint-Laurent and has become the area's newest epicentre of all things food.

The endless options, fantastic ambiance, and phenomenal dishes make Le Central an epic choice for lunch.


Take a look at the map below to plan your next lunch break, shopping outing, or food crawl.

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Happy eating!

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