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This Espresso Bar On Wheels Is Montreal's Cutest Mobile Café

Look for it at events around the city!
This Espresso Bar On Wheels Is Montreal's Cutest Mobile Café

It's no secret that Montreal has a plethora of cafes around the city to quench your every coffee craving.

But most cafes require that you go to them... and while that's all fine and dandy, we've found Montreal cutest little cafe on wheels and sorry, but the novelty is just too much for me.

Caravane Cafe, Cote-des-Neiges' cutest and best-decorated cafe has officially gone mobile and their cafe on wheels is straight-up adorable.

Last summer, the owners of Caravane Cafe renovated a little Viking trailer creating this adorable cafe and espresso bar on wheels... and the final product is straight-up perfection.

Caravane Cafe is known for their amazing lattes, delicious Italian sodas and decor to die for.

The brick-and-mortar location is full of knick-knacks and vintage treasures. They've also got two bathtubs full of plants in the bathrooms - so the fact that they've managed to get plants all over the mobile cafe comes as no surprise.

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When it comes to independent cafes in Cote-des-Neiges, the selection is pretty slim, but honestly, whether you're looking to hang on a patio or get some work done, Caravane has all you could ever really need. 

And the fact that they now have this mobile espresso bar, they've officially taken the top spot when it comes to cafes in Cote-des-Neiges in my books.

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Truly the only downside is that they won't be found just roaming around the city, pulling up on your doorstep to deliver your coffee.

No, the adorable little espresso bar must be rented for events, which is likely the only way to get a permit for this kind of mobile cafe due to Montreal's strict rules about "street food."

But if you've got an upcoming event that you know needs some iced americanos on-deck, Caravane Cafe's Mobile Espresso Bar is available for rent!

You can e-mail them here:, or give them a call at 514-216-3440.

WHAT: Caravane Cafe's Mobile Espresso Bar

WHERE: All around Montreal!

WHEN: All summer long!

COST: Contact for rental price, info above.

For more info and to see the awesome renovation photos, head to their Instagram page @caravanecafemobile or their Facebook page here.