Hike Up This Quebec Mountain For The Most Magnificent Fall Views In The Province (Photos)

360 degrees of "flamboyant colours!"
Hike Up This Quebec Mountain For The Most Magnificent Fall Views In The Province (Photos)
  • A fall hike up Quebec's Mont-Orford will get you perhaps the best views of the foliage in the province.
  • There are several trail options depending on your desired level of intensity.
  • The Mont-Orford National Park is also a great spot to spot some wildlife!

Fall has officially arrived. Out with the floral sundresses and in with the chunky sweatshirts and fashionable scarves. In Quebec, this seasonal change also means it's time to venture out before the cold makes being outside impossible. Quebec is home to some pretty epic destinations, hikes, and road trips if you want to check out the foliage. But there's one spot that really stands out.

Mont-Orford, which is less than 90 minutes from Montreal, offers some of the best views in the entire province. 

If you are a fan of hiking, you are going to want to check out the vistas that surrounds this stunning gift from nature. 

The mountain is located in the Mont Orford National Park and is without a doubt one of the most Instagram worthy spots I have ever visited. 

"Come fall," says the Sépaq website, "colourful sugar maples treat hikers to a blazing show" of "flamboyant colours."

Among the hikes that Sépaq considers "must-do's" in the fall are the Mont-Chauve trail, which offers a view of the nearby Stukely Lake, and the Crêtes trail, a "daunting challenge" with a spectular reward: "a breathtaking 360-degree view of the region."

Have no fear, because if you aren’t big on hiking, the Instagram Gods are near. Because at the Mont Oxford National Park, you can fake it until you make it: for those not willing to do the hike, you can take a chair lift ride to the top! 

The National Park also hosts other activities, including wildlife watches, as there are populatons of deer and birds in the area. You can also go canoeing or kayaking. 

And if you go before thanksgiving, adrenaline junkies can pick one of five mountain bikes trails to explore.

Professional hikers who love the thrill will also have the option of climbing the famed Pic aux Corbeaux, a large vertical cliff. 

Throughout the months of winter, you can go skiing and even participate in torch-lit snowshoeing.

For those of you willing to make a night or weekend out of the trip, Mont Oxford has campgrounds that include both huts and cabins, which make it very easy to cozy up in the woods.

This is a special spot to visit during the short, yet beautiful fall months. The glorious views are not to be missed!

Mont Orford National Park

Where: Mont-Orford, 4380 Chemin du Parc

When: end of September – mid-October


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