Montreal Is Getting A Massive Japanese Street Food Festival

Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki, Yakiniku, Imagawayaki, & more... !
Montreal Is Getting A Massive Japanese Street Food Festival

Montreal is about to have a very delicious weekend, because a HUGE Japanese street food and cultural festival is coming to us for three whole days. 

This coming weekend you can try 10 different kinds of Japanese street food alongside an adorable market and super fun events at Montreal's Marché des Possibles.

The event runs for three days, from Friday to Sunday, and every day has something special going on. Here are the details. 

Our video team was there for the event and it was clearly an amazing time:

Below is a list of the participating restaurants, as well as what Japanese specialty street food that they'll be serving up during the festival.

Marusan Comptoir Japonais (Yakitori)
Schlouppe Bistrot Nakamichi (Ramen)
Ichifuku (Yakisoba + Kakigori)

Uncle Tetsu Montréal
Tsukuyomi (cold Ramen)
Ichigoichie (Cream black cod korokke + Ichigo Kezuri)

Kamehameha Snack-Bar (Ice taiyaki)
Nagomi (Tonkatsu stick)
Matsuri Japon (Takoyaki) * Saturday Only *
Jiep Jiep (Curry rice) * Saturday & Sunday Only *

There will also be a Sapporo beer bar and a Sake bar serving up Umeshu, Nigori, Haiku, Black&Gold, Yuzu soda cocktail and tastings.

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Below is a list of the stores that will have booths set up to sell their super adorable goods during the festival. They've also noted on the event page that there are potentially more vendors to come!

Yatai MTL
Kimono Yuki
Tokushiba Green Tea
O-Taku Manga Lounge

The Green Bunny Workshop
Centre de Santé Taiyo
Champignon japonais

There are also going to be some really fun events happening within the festival, including a sake workshop with an international sake sommelier! Check out the Facebook event page for that here.

They will also be hosting matcha tea workshops, origami workshops, and a Daruma doll drawing workshop.

In the evening they'll be hosting fun night events like a Japanese 80s Disco Night, Japanese Karaoke, a cosplay competition and even a piano performance of music from the famed Studio Ghibli movies!

Clearly, there's no shortage of things to eat, see, try and buy at YATAI MTL 2019, so be sure to put a reminder in your phone, you're not going to want to miss this one!


WHEN: Friday, June 14th, 2019 - Sunday, June 16th, 2019

Friday: 5PM-10PM, Saturday: 12PM-10PM, Sunday: 12PM-7PM

WHERE: Marché des Possibles, 5635 rue St Dominique

COST: Free admission! 

NOTE: Dogs are welcome at this event!

You can get all the details on all of these vendors and events at the YATAI MTL 2019 Facebook event page here.

And if you do go, be sure to tag us in your Instagram stories@mtlblog!

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