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This Harry Potter-Inspired Pop-Up School Of Sorcery Is Coming To Montreal

For one-day only you can take classes in wizardry at this institute of witchcraft.
This Harry Potter-Inspired Pop-Up School Of Sorcery Is Coming To Montreal
  • Osvalt Institut de Sorcellerie, inspired by Harry Potter, is popping up for one day only in an old Montreal church.
  • Participating wizards will learn spells, potions, and all sorts of magic tricks.

Whatever your age, you have come into contact with the Harry Potter phenomenon, be it through books, movies, or the massive amounts of merchandise. And who among us hasn't silently believed that if we were in in the Potter universe we would definitely get an owl delivered letter?

UPDATE: This article has been updated to reflect a change in time and venue.

Now's the chance for muggles to get a glimpse into the world of sorcery and magic as the Osvalt Institut de Sorcellerie opens its doors for a one-day secret event. 

Once attendees, or 'sorcery students,' enter the massive cathedral-ceiling main room of the church, they will be asked to choose one of five houses to join. 

Shortly after, get out your study books and quills as there will be classes on herbalism, divination, sorcery and the important care of fabulous beasts. 

The event was created by graphic designer, musician, and artist Elaine Huot. As a fan of the Harry Potter story, she has travelled to Orlando to experience Harry Potter World and Europe for the Harry Potter studios.

She created this magical day in Montreal so that people that may otherwise not be able to afford to travel can still experience,  "...a moment out of their normal lives and bring them into a fantasy world." 

And hey, couldn't we all use a little bit of that? 

After the important selection of a house, there will be a meet and greet with professors (yes, actors) who will then separate guests into the five class groups. 

You will learn how to makes potions, you will make plants dance with a spell in herbology, and learn about the care of your favourite magical creatures. Do Thestral's eat? I would like to know what. 

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Tickets are already on sale, and they are being picked up fast. Spots are limited due to class sizes, but if you buy your ticket before August 31, they are discounted to $50, otherwise, prices are $60. Buy your tickets here

I can lean toward the cynical with certain events, but there is something whimsical and fantastic about this whole idea. Maybe it's a sort of nostalgia from reading the books as a kid, but getting a chance to suspend disbelief and let your inner kid through is kind of cool. 

This is a fun event for all ages or just a magical escape from the usual.

Osvalt Institut de Sorcellerie

WHEN: November 16

WHERE: 550 Rue Richmond, Montreal

COST: Before August 31: $50; after, $60


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