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This High-Tech Mattress Company Promises To Up Your Performance In Bed

And it's finally available in Canada.
Feet on bed. Simba. 01504-KGS.

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What if the secret to upping your performance in bed was a mattress? Seriously. Give it a think for a second. Rolling around in bed is great, but if that bed is lumpy, uneven, too hot, or otherwise unpleasant? Chances are, you're not going to want to be doing a whole lot of rolling.

[rebelmouse-image 26892769 alt="Simba Sleep" photo_credit="Simba Sleep" expand=1 original_size="640x640"] Simba Sleep

British sleep technology brand Simba, though, totally has your back - so that you won't throw it out while trying to show off your latest moves.

They've won a couple of awards for being great in bed, thanks to sleep technology designed specifically to solve the problems that get in the way of quality performance. Now the Simba Hybrid Mattress is set to change the way Canadians sleep. (Oh, and PS? They're coming off a wave of 70,000 five star reviews!).

Here are seven ways the Simba Hybrid Mattress will spice up your sleep life!

Feel the earth move, not your bed

Simba Sleep

Let's be real - when the earth shakes in bed, it's usually a good sign. When your partner tosses and turns all night, and the motion transfer causes you to bounce around the wrong way? Less fun.

Snuggled in between five luxurious layers designed to help you get the quality of sleep you've been dreaming of,Simba's pocket coils are specially shaped like a cone to hug your body and move with you - without transferring that movement to a partner.

No creaking

Simba Sleep

You've probably noticed the classic creaking noise an old mattress makes while sleeping over at your parent's house... with your partner.

You can thank old-school big coils for this. They're also responsible for that see-saw effect that can wake both you and your partner in the night as you naturally move in your sleep. Lighter coils, like the ones used in the Hybrid Mattress, support your spine without OTT bounce and without being heard, giving you and your SO a much better chance of a peaceful night.

Only get hot when it counts

Simba Sleep

Getting sweaty in bed is basically what life's all about. But sleeping in a sweaty bed? Yeah, that's the last thing anyone wants. With summer finally here, the Hybrid Mattress will help you tackle overheating and give you extra support in the hottest months of the year. A unique open-cell cooling layer promotes airflow through the mattress, giving you the comfort benefits of foam without the overheating.

Relieve pressure in more ways than one

Simba Sleep

Nothing's worse than feeling too tense to perform. There are up to 2,500 pocket coils in a Simba Hybrid Mattress, and because they’re smaller and lighter than traditional coils, there are thousands of points of pressure relief.

A mattress that isn't too hard or too soft

Simba Sleep

Research shows we don't like it too hard in bed.Medium-firm mattresses suit most people, and Simba used data from ten million sleepers to hit the (sweet) spot - using bedroom technology that adapts to every body type and sleep style!

Perfectly compatible between the sheets

Simba Sleep

The Simba Hybrid Mattress really does include the best of both worlds.Combining the support of 2,500 pocket coils with the comfort of memory foam, it’s scientifically engineered to give you the perfect night's sleep. But if sleep's not your first priority when it comes to a mattress, well, Simba's hybrid technology also happens to be the perfect performance-enhancer.

Made for your pleasure

Simba Sleep

A layer of Visco memory foam is set below the coils, which profiles your body (and your partner's body, too) to ensure that your comfort feels tailor-made. Below this is a perfectly engineered base with seven different zones to deliver the right kind of support where you need it. It's all very scientific, but believe us, it's comfortable as hell.

To top it all off, the mattress comes delivered to your door in a box for maximum convenience. Simply unroll it and relax while it rises in just a few hours.

A cover that won't leave you breathless

Simba Sleep

Tired of letting your sneezy, itchy, cough-y allergies come to bed with you? Simba's hypoallergenic cover means sensitive sleepers will rest peacefully, with an environment that promotes less sneezing or nose rubbing. Plus, it's totally machine washable!

The Simba Hybrid Mattress is available exclusively at Sleep Country and Dormez-vous and comes with a 100-night comfort guarantee.

Visit the Simba website, Facebook page, and Instagram page for more information on how to get an incredible night's sleep.