Mayor Valerie Plante Wants To Make Montreal Zero Waste By 2030

Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante is on a mission to make Montreal a notable global figure in the world of environmentalism, and yesterday she announced yet another plan, this time to have Montreal be zero waste by 2030.

As with many of her plans, just the sound of it seems like an un-doable task.... and then you read the action steps and it's like, oh wow... you just might actually pull this off! 

Which is exactly how I felt when I first heard that she had proposed this new plan, called the "Plan directeur de gestion des matières résiduelles" or the "Waste Management Master Plan."

My initial reaction was, "That's amazing, how on earth can we accomplish that?" So, I took a look at the plan and can now say that, if Montrealers are on-board, there is a real chance that we could actually get ourselves to a place where we are a zero-waste city.

On the city's website, the plan is explained as such: "By setting ambitious targets and giving the means to achieve them, the City of Montreal is demonstrating its desire to make its ecological transition a reality."

The goal is to "offer efficient and flexible management of residual materials while acting on the technological, economic, and cultural infrastructure and service deployment fronts."

Mayor Valerie Plante Announces Plan To Make Montreal Zero Waste By 2030 @val_plante

The image above was shared by Mayor Plante on her Instagram stories, where she explains...

"Our plan is ambitious and it aims to reach our zero waste target for Montreal by:

1) reducing waste at the source
2) diverting 85% of waste from the landfill
3) mobilizing stakeholders."

The plan on the city's website elaborates, explaining that the short-term goal is to divert 70% of waste from the landfill by 2025. Last year, we only managed 48%.

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By 2025, the plan hopes to accomplish reducing at least 10% of the amount of municipal waste per capita, which is upped to 20% by 2030.

This means individuals should, in theory, decrease their waste by 10 kg per year.

Mayor Valerie Plante Announces Plan To Make Montreal Zero Waste By 2030 @val_plante

The image above reads:

"With this plan, we will:

- reduce greenhouse gas emissions by the movement of residual material;
- fight against food and clothing waste;
- and deploy the collection of compostable materials in all buildings of 9 lodgements or more."

On an individual, daily basis, the city recommends the following steps for people living in Montreal:

  • Use containers and reusable bags
  • Ban one-time products
  • Buy products that are recycled or made of recycled content
  • Put a sticker "No flyers" on the mailbox
  • Buy in bulk or in large format
  • Buy product refills
  • Drinking tap water instead of bottled water
  • Limit document printing
  • Compost
  • Use rechargeable batteries
  • Give used clothes
  • Borrow or rent tools
  • Have electrical appliances and appliances repaired

To read the full Waste Management Master Plan, head to the City of Montreal's website right here.