This Is Officially The Best Job You Can Have If You Live In Quebec

Highest pay and best benefits!
This Is Officially The Best Job You Can Have If You Live In Quebec

For anyone about to enter the workforce, there are a ton of questions and concerns that can constantly arise. One of the more prominent is what the best job is in the province? What career path stands out against the rest, offering the fairest pay and great benefits? What workers have truly lucked out in the province?

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TL;DR The Quebec Institue of Statistics has conducted a study that reveals municipal workers have the best job in the province. Overall their wages and benefits exceed that of workers in the private and public sector and even the federal government. More information on the study below.

Well, it looks like the answer to that question is simpler than we all thought. The best job you can have if you live in Quebec just so happens to be a municipal worker.

Although you might be thinking that those working in the private sector would make more, the statistics say the exact opposite. Municipal employees seem to benefit most from wages and benefits in Quebec.

According to the Quebec Institute of Statistics (ISQ), a municipal employee earns an average salary of $84,034 per year, which is 23.7% more than what a private sector worker might make in the same year ($67,919). It also happens to be 33.8% more than what someone working for Quebec's public service might be making annually ($62,800).

What's even more surprising is that the same study found that municipal employees earn 18.9% more in overall compensation than even federal government workers in Quebec. When you include the benefits these workers receive, the difference goes up to 34%. They also make 18.5% more than people working for universities in the province and 11.2% more than anyone employed by "public companies."

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You might be wondering how municipal workers are paid so generously? Well, two-thirds of our municipal tax bills will be used to pay for the salary of these workers. Of the $13 billion Quebecers will pay in 2019 in municipal taxes, municipal employee compensation will amount to $8.7 billion.

Changes are imminent, though, as in April 2020 the union will most likely come to an agreement that the enormous pay gap between municipal workers and employees of the Quebec government must be reduced. Until then, it's still the best job in the province to have right now.

Needless to say, if you weren't already working for a municipality, you might want to switch careers ASAP. 


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