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This Is What Montreal Was Supposed To Look Like By Now According To Plans From The 1960s

We were supposed to have a 300-station metro system by now.
This Is What Montreal Was Supposed To Look Like By Now According To Plans From The 1960s

With all of the construction constantly consuming Montreal, it's hard to imagine what the city is going to look like once it's fully complete. Although it's fun to imagine what advances the city will make in the future, it's true that many of the most ambitious plans for the city from decades past have been abandoned and forgotten.

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TL;DR An interactive website outlines the major projects Montreal was supposed to complete by the year 2000, but never got around to doing. Some of these ideas would have completely changed the city. More details below.

Montreal is constantly evolving, so there's no doubt things have definitely not followed the original plan. But have you ever wondered what people thought the city would look like by now? Well, you don't need to guess anymore.

There's an interactive website known as "Montréal: The City That Could Have Been" that outlines all of the major projects that were set for the city by the year 2000. You seriously won't believe how different everything would have been if it had gone according to plan.

Via Montréal: The City That Could Have Been

A major example is one plan the city had back in 1967 to create a nine-line, 300-station metro system in Montreal by 2000. The subway would have travelled as far as the airport and Montreal North. Imagine how easy cross-city movement would have been!

That's not all either, other major works include an elevated highway on Saint Laurent, a "Little Brazil" at the heart of downtown borough, and a giant tower atop Mount Royal that would be considered one of the Wonders of the World.

Via Montréal: The City That Could Have Been

We can only imagine what this "parrallel universe" Montreal would have looked like today, but we can all agree it would have been a futuristic hub and meeting place for the entire world.

If you want to know more about what Montreal was supposed to look like by now, you can check out the website HERE.

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