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This Is What Montreal's New Pop-Up Pyramid Dance Party In The Old Port Is Going To Look Like (Video)

Montreal is going to be at the center of an amazing, multimedia experience this summer

Montreal is going to be hosting a really cool, multimedia experience this summer. Pyramid installations are going to pop up in the Old Port and be the home of immersive dance parties. The project, created by PY1, is piloted by the co-founder of Cirque du Soleil, Guy Laliberté.

The pyramids will be the site of themed dance parties every Friday and Saturday from June 1 through to the end of September.

We now know what the inside of these huge, ephemereal installations are going to look like. PY1 has released a video with renditions of the pyramids.

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This video shows how incredible the installations are going to look. Though their exteriors may be deceiving, the light show on the inside of the tent turns the pyramid into a feast for the eyes.

The pyramids are 81 feet in height, and they can hold up to one thousand guests. That's going to make for one heck of a party.

Lasers and 360° projectors create a multimedia light show on the inside of the tent. The immersive experience is accompanied by an electric mix of music.

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Aside from these immersive, sixty-minute shows, there are also going to be themed nights.

There are seven themes that will rotate all summer. Guests are invited to dress accordingly, whether it be steam-punk style or in a colouful candyland fashion.

It's going to be such a new and unique way to go out with friends this summer! These kinds of events are keeping me hopeful despite the terrible weather of the last few days.

Check out PY1 here!