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This Is Why Montreal's STM Metro System Shut Down This Morning

According to the STM's official Twitter accounts, three metro lines that temporarily shut down early this morning are apparently back up and running by now. If you we're in the metro this morning, I sincerely feel for you. 

Just looking at these crazy photos of the pure mayhem and chaos at Lionel-Groulx stations makes me feel deeply uncomfortable. So many people. 

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TL;DR  According to a source, the massive and chaotic shut down of most of the metro system this morning was caused by a pepper spray related incident at Champ-De-Mars metro stations, which forced the intervention of medical services and police.

It's fairly common for part of a metro line or even an entire metro line shut down temporarily - but three at once?! That's not normal. 

Service gradually resuming on the ORANGE line. #stminfo A

January 9, 2019

This isn't an every day occurence in Montreal, so what happened exactly?

According to a source, a spokesperson for the STM confirmed that the shut down was due to  "emergency response" at Champ-de-Mars station on the Orange line. 

Parts of the Green Line and Yellow Line were also shut down as a result of the intervention. The only line that stayed fully open is the Blue Line. 

I guess you won't really know if you're claustrophobic unless you take the Montréal metro today

January 9, 2019

According the the Montreal Police (SPVM) the incident at Champ-De-Mars station was due to a conflict between two men which resulted in the use of pepper spray at around 8:10 am.  According the a source, 15 commuters were affected by the mist.

Some of these individuals had to be taken to the hospital for medical observation. So far, no arrests have been made.

This incident was so bad, Valerie Plante is apparantly making an official statement about the shut down. 

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