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This Is Your Last Chance To Ride This La Ronde Roller Coaster Before It Shuts Down Forever

It's time to say au revoir to an icon.
This Is Your Last Chance To Ride This La Ronde Roller Coaster Before It Shuts Down Forever

It's time to say goodbye to another old friend this Sunday. This will be the second La Ronde roller coaster that's closed down in the last three years.

The Super Manège, La Ronde's first looping roller coaster, is retiring this Sunday. After nearly 40 years of service, the 22.9-meter tall scream machine will make way for a younger, probably even better main attraction. And maybe it's about time? 

The scariest part of the ride starts with a terrifying 75-foot climb, about halfway through the ascent is when you begin to wonder if this was really that good of an idea, if you have your affairs in order or if there's a safeword you were supposed to be given. 

The rest of the experience, a 68-foot drop, hills, two looping corkscrews, and whiplash-inducing curves are supposed to be the highlight of the ride, but at speeds of 65 km/h they seem to happen so fast, compared to the buildup, that you barely know what just happened. There's no doubt it's a classic ride and we have a bit of nostalgia for it. But it's also a rough ride. 

And sadly, this August 25 will be the last day you can experience the iconic La Ronde ride yourself.

Back in 2016, we lost La Ronde's stand up roller coaster, the Cobra, which operated for over 20 years. But they never found a replacement for it. 

This year we got some new blood in the park with the seven-story looping coaster, Chaos, that leaves riders suspended upside down. 

La Ronde promises that a new coaster will be revealed August 29, and will be at the park for the 2020 season. 

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It's rumoured that the new coaster will be the Green Lantern: First Flight. Originally from Six Flags Magic Mountain, this would be Canada's first 4D roller coaster, in which the cars are on the outside of the tracks and spin vertically.

This could be a huge selling point for La Ronde. Just check out the POV video below. 

I kind of wish La Ronde did a day special pass where you could pay to take one last ride on the Super Manège. I would have signed up for that. 

You have until Sunday to take one last ride on the iconic roller coaster before it's dismantled for good.

The Last Weekend For La Ronde's Super Manège Roller Coaster

WHEN: Last day to take a ride, August 25th, 2019

WHERE: 22 Chemin Macdonald; La Ronde

COST: Online day pass is only $51.99 for the park


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