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This Kid-Friendly Café In Montreal Is Perfect For A Rainy Day Indoors

Montrealers are always looking for the latest café in the city, however, this new café is unlike any another.

Bebe a Bord café is a classic coffee house with a twist. There is an amusing playground for both babies and toddlers and it is exactly what moms and dads all around the city have been craving!

Designed for parents and children, Montreal families may have just found their new favourite hangout!  

The café includes a space designed uniquely for children to play freely, learn and grow while exploring their imagination.

The safe, clean and obviously fun environment was created to let parents watch their kids have fun while relaxing with a beverage and a delicious snack.

There are two sections to the play areas, one designed for ages five and under and the other for children that are aged six to twelve.

There are a few rules that parents are asked to follow including all parents are fully responsible for their child at all times and not coming to the café if a child is sick in order to keep this a healthy environment. You can read the full list of rules here.

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They even offer private party packages that give you the chance to reserve the café for you and your crew.      

Parents are always looking for something for their kids to do, but the reality is that they need time to themselves as well and this space offers both those things at the same time!

 It is the first of its kind in our city, a cafe designed with parents in mind. Their dream was to create a space where parents could bond and relax while their kids make new friends and we think the results are pretty cool! 

Bébé à Bord Café

What: A kid-friendly café

Where: 1300 Rue Mazurette, Montreal  

When: Open Weekdays 9AM - 2PM & Weekends 9AM - 3PM

Cost: Children under 5 years old: $ 13 Children aged 6 to 12 years: $ 5

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