This Local Montreal Brand Is Going Around The City In An Army Jeep Giving Free Masks To Front-Line Workers

At this stage in the game, it's kind of hard to deny that face masks may, at some point in the not-too-distant future, become an everyday part of your "facing the public" wardrobe.

This means that right now might be the ideal time to get your hands on a face mask, and if you can support local businesses and donate to Covid-19 relief charities while doing it, all the better. 

The Mask Army, a Montreal-based apparel company founded by Canadian Fashion entrepreneur Jon Wayne Gurman, is giving us the opportunity to do just that.

Their CEO's businesses include worldwide leading companies like JCorp Inc., Moniker Inc., H4X - global gaming apparel company, and more. 

The Mask Army was born after Gurman noticed the significant shortage of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and could not imagine essential workers having difficulty finding masks to protect themselves.

They make high-quality masks using 100% triple-layer polyamide. They've also created a bunch of fun designs to help bring some smiles on people’s faces during these crazy times.

The company has also been providing free masks to front-line workers and giving back to help the community stay safe. In fact, they've been driving around in a 1953 USA/Korean war army Jeep handing out protective masks to people who are at risk. 

It goes without saying that the current global pandemic has changed our lives. Before we knew it, we were stuck indoors to protect ourselves and others, and protective equipment was quickly used up, leaving some front-line workers without it.

While we can mostly hide out indoors, front-line workers don't have that option, and regular equipment like masks are essential to keep them safe. This is why The Mask Army felt compelled to keep people safe in the community. 

Their mission is clear: they're looking to fill the community with amazing designs, high-quality masks, and keep the community safe.

Plus, whether you're into funny quotes, inspirational messages, animals, Kawaii designs, or something else, The Mask Army's got the ideal style for you.

They've got masks for both adults and children too, ensuring fun protection for everyone.

The masks are made of soft and heavyweight polyamide that blocks dust and microorganisms without causing stress on your skin or anaphylactic reactions. The designs may be fun, but The Mask Army knows your health is top priority!

To show their dedication to safety, The Mask Army is currently working to get their masks FDA registered to be used as a face mask for general public/healthcare personnel use.

To learn more about The Mask Army, check out their website for information and products. You can also visit their Instagram page or Facebook page for more info!