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Montreal Opens "Pay What You Can" Food Market

There are no set prices.
Pay what you can market

Montreal is home to some of the best fresh fruit and vegetable markets around. And with that sometimes comes the hefty cost of getting the best produce for your meals - not everyone can or is always willing to pay those prices.  

But now a new public market just opened in the Pierrefonds-Roxboroof borough under the idea of "pay what you can" and it's absolutely brilliant. 

The À-Ma-Baie Solidarity Market “Pay what you can” model is meant to promote healthy eating choices by encouraging people to take advantage of low prices

There are no set prices at the market, though they may have a 'suggested' price listed. But that is still open to negotiation.

The idea is really to make sure that the price agreed upon is fair for everyone. That includes making money for the growers, the administration, and the workers and balancing that with the final price the consumer pays. 

Solidarity markets like this are nothing new to North America. Usually run by non-profit organizations - they try to bring the option of fresh, local-grown and affordable fruits and vegetables to more vulnerable areas that may not otherwise have access to healthier choices.  

The À-Ma-Baie Solidarity Market is open to everyone! But just keep in mind the point of the market is to really attract the part of the population that may have had no other choices for fresh produce because of price or a long commute.  

The market features just about every mouthwatering summer fruit available like berries, pineapples, watermelon, and mango.  And everything from vegetables to grains all in one place. 

For more information on the market, check out the city of Montreal's page here

WHAT: The Marché Solidaire À-Ma-Baie

WHEN: July 5 to September 27, between 3 PM and 7 PM

WHERE: 9665, boulevard Gouin Ouest, outside the Gerry Robertson Community Centre.

COST: As long as it's fair, You decide!

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