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This Montreal App Will Deliver Pizza, Beer & Wine Straight To Your Picnic In The Park

SnapGrab will deliver anything you want to your doorstep in less than an hour.
Picnicking in the park, Montreal.

If you've often wanted something really badly, but were too lazy or busy to go to the store to grab it yourself, I've got good news for you.

SnapGrab, an app available exclusively for Montrealers, does just that. From shampoo to Mac chargers, without forgetting burgers or beer, the app will deliver whatever you want in an hour or less.

The app even has a live tracker, so you can watch your driver zip through the city as they grab your items.

When I first heard about the app, my burning question was: wait, will this app really deliver anything I want? Because there have been many occasions when I would have liked a nice bottle of wine and some sandwiches delivered to me at the park.

I spoke with SnapGrab's founder and CEO, Emerson, to learn more about the product.

The founder's answer to my question? "Yes exactly, really anything! We had almost that exact order you just described (but it was pizza and beer) delivered last week to Parc Jean-Drapeau."

When asked about some of the most surprising orders the app has ever received, Emerson said that "the app does not contain 'suprising' items — merely, we try to offer everything that is located in every store in town."

He did concede that the app has delivered a coat to a tourist who was hanging out at a restaurant, and once delivered Red Bull and condoms to a couple.

As for the cost? Well, that varies between $4.99 and $22.00. According to Emerson, "it depends on the type of agreement we have with that particular store/restaurant and the complexity of the job."

For example, a large grocery order will cost more than a smaller order because of the time it takes to collect all of the items.

It sounds almost too good to be true, but the service has provided thousands of Montrealers with fast service. If you need to try it to believe it, download SnapGrab on your phone today.

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