Eat and Drink

This Montreal Bar Serves Super Cheap Wine Every Wednesday & Sunday

Save on wine, spend more on food 🤤

We wrote about one of St-Laurent's newest terrasses and cocktail bars last week and there's no question that Shaker Cuisine & Mixologie has a lot to offer in the beautiful cocktail category. 

But it turns out that they are no one-trick-pony! They've also got an awesome wine deal twice a week that is sure to please all you wine-lovers out there.

Yep, on Wednesdays and Sundays, Shaker is serving up wine and champagne at cost.

What is "at cost," you ask?

Well, it's no secret that a bottle of wine at the SAQ is a lot cheaper than a bottle of wine at a restaurant. When you buy a bottle or glass of vino when you're out for dinner, you're usually paying a pretty significant markup.

But on two days a week, you don't have to pay for the profit margin at Shaker. Instead, pay what you'd pay at the SAQ while enjoying the awesome selection of appetizers and tartars.

And saving a significant amount on wine means you actually can splurge a little more in the food department. Particularly if you're going to play it like these ladies below.


Just go full smörgåsbord, order a bunch of awesome stuff to share, pick a couple bottles of wine and call it a night!

You can also include bottles of champagne in this deal, so this really presents the perfect opportunity to host a birthday or a fun group night out. 

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Cheap Wine Night At Shaker Montreal

WHERE: Shaker Cuisine & Mixologie, 3518 St Laurent Blvd

WHEN: Wednesdays & Sundays from 11PM - 2AM

DEAL: Get wine at cost when you visit on the above mentioned days!