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This Montreal Influencer Is Giving Away An iPhone 11 On Instagram

That dual camera though.
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This Montreal Influencer Is Giving Away An iPhone 11 On Instagram

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Whether you're looking to upgrade your smartphone, you're still hanging on to your iPhone 5 or — even worse — you still have that flip phone you got way back in secondary 3, we have good news for you. You can get a brand-new iPhone 11 for free!

The new smartphone has an incredible camera, night mode, high-quality video, and all-day battery life. It will completely change your Instagram game. And Instagram influencer Martin Hyu is giving one away for free.

The giveaway will start on Friday, Oct. 18 and will run until Sunday, November 1 at 3 p.m. EST, when the winner will be announced. Want the iPhone? All you have to do is follow Martin, like his post, tag 3 friends who'd like to win this new iPhone, and comment an awesome reason why you should win it!

Martin is giving away the brand-new iPhone 11 (which is black and 256GB, by the way) because his followers — who are mostly young creatives, aspiring entrepreneurs, and college students — often tell him that they can't start their own business or become an influencer themselves because they don’t have a good enough camera. Martin totally gets this.

As the founder of lvl, a marketing agency based in Montreal that helps clients in the hospitality industry achieve their business goals, Martin says his number one tool is his smartphone.

"As an agency owner and photographer, if I had to name the most important tool I have at the agency, I would choose the smartphone. It’s vital to my business communications and online presence with content creation. It’s light, it goes everywhere I go, and there’s virtually nothing it can’t do. It's a powerful tool that can be your workhorse for school, business, personal branding — you name it," he told Narcity.

To enter to win a free iPhone 11, follow Martin Hyu on Instagram and check out his giveaway post. You can also follow him on Facebook.

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