This Montreal Virtual-Reality Arcade Has One Of The Most Realistic Zombie-Battling Games

It's just like real life, only cooler.
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Show of hands: who has tried virtual-reality gaming before? If you have, congratulations. You know amusement as it's never before been experienced. But if you haven't? Well, get ready for the most mind-blasting thing you'll ever do in. Your. Life.

That's not an exaggeration.

VR gaming lets you hop into new, exciting, and impossible situations from the safety and comfort of one spot. And one VR arcade in Montreal truly does have it all, from games that let you and your friends attack (or get attacked by) zombies, to ones that even let you soar in between the tallest New York City skyscrapers, wind in your hair and all.

With seven virtual-reality arcades across Quebec, including four in the Greater Montreal area, MontVR offers more than 30 VR games, all of which are different enough so that there's something for everyone in your entourage... or so that you can be endlessly entertained for hours. (Ain't no shame in going alone!)

No matter what your speed, skill set, or fear level, MontVR definitely has something you'll love. For example, if you've ever wanted to step into a real-life, 360-degree Guitar Hero game, you're going to thoroughly enjoy Beat Saber.

In this game, you get to pick one of several custom techno songs and an experience level (protip: if you want a challenge, try the expert level), and then off you go. Musical notes appear to fly right at you, and in order to advance, you need to slice through them with your VR controllers, which are represented by sabers in the game. Trust, it's super fun.

But if this doesn't sound like something that'll get your adrenaline pumping, don't worry. MontVR has one game that's sure to hit every mark on your "fun game" checklist.

MontVR DIX30's Free Roaming game, based on Arizona Sunshine, is quite possibly one of the scariest games you'll play — in the best way possible.

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Allowing you to play with up to three other friends, this completely wireless experience equips you with a vest, a fake firearm, a headset, and a set of VR goggles, and plunges you and your friends (yes, you can see each other in-game) into an all-too realistic world where zombies have taken over.

The game has multiple levels which involve shooting and killing zombies (and if you get hit by a zombie, that vest you're equipped with vibrates, making for an extra tactile experience), pulling down levers, getting on elevators (which feel so real!), walking across support beams, and tons more. Everything is built to be as realistic and tangible as possible... and it more than delivers. Plus, the entire time, you're roaming around the gaming area freely, without wires or anything else holding you back. And the best part? The entire experience is just $20 a person. 

But, of course, MontVR has tons of other options as well! You can play up to 38 different VR games for $25 per hour, including Beat Saber, in special cubicles they have set up specifically for this. Although the cubicles are single person only, most of the games are multiplayer, so you can connect to your friend's VR set and actually speak to each other as you're both playing.

And if you're more of a "sit back, relax, and take in the sights" kinda person? Well, MontVR in the DIX30 totally has your back as well.

[rebelmouse-image 26888790 photo_credit="Narcity Media" expand=1 original_size="4032x3024"] Narcity Media

This location is fully equipped with a BIRDLY machine (the ONLY VR arcade in North America to have one!). What's a BIRDLY machine, you ask? Basically, it's a platform that has you lie down on your stomach, strap on your goggles, and soar through two different, but very realistic, scenarios. The platform even moves and blows cool air, so you get the feeling that you're actually flying! 

Whether fighting zombies on a post-apocalyptic battleground, scaling the heights of city buildings, or navigating a virtual arcade, MontVR pretty much has a game for everyone.

Ultimately, MontVR is not only a cool way to experience a reality unlike your own, it’s also a great way to connect with others. There’s nothing like a little bit of game play to stimulate the senses and elicit some epic bonding time! VR FTW, am I right? 


Cost: Starting at $25/hour  

Where: 6000 Boulevard Rome #20, Brossard, QC J4Y 0B6; find your closest location here

When: Hours vary based on location

For more information on MontVR, check out their website, Instagram, and Facebook!

Natalie Timperio
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