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A Montrealer Turned His Street Into A Massive Sock Dartboard To Play From The Roof (Video)

Residents are getting creative to stay entertained.
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This Montrealer Turned His Street Into A Massive Dartboard To Play From The Roof (Video)
  • This "dirty sock dartboard" by Westmount resident David Freiheit is the result of a long effort to keep his family entertained during confinement in Montreal.
  • It's just one of many creative projects he has documented on YouTube.

Montrealers have had to get creative to stay entertained at home. But it turns out all you need are some dirty clothes, chalk, and access to a balcony. The "dirty sock dartboard" by Westmount resident David Freiheit perfectly represents Montreal's innovative spirit in this time of confinement.

He told MTL Blog that the concept came to him while drawing with chalk on the sidewalk with his kids.

"I had the idea of making a bull's eye and playing some form of a target game. And then I said 'I'm gonna do a really big one and I'll shoot stuff off the roof.'"

"We drew a big target on the street and then I went to the roof and was trying to think of what to throw. I didn't want to do plastic bags or balloons or anything just because it leaves crap on the street."

"I saw some dirty socks and genius struck."

In the video, Freiheit dunks the socks in water before tossing them onto the board below. He finally hits the centre on his ninth throw.

The novel project is just the latest in a long effort to entertain his family at home — an effort he calls both "fun and tiring."

When his children are off school, it's "just 24/7 of trying to find something to keep them entertained that's not mind-numbing or just watching t.v. all day."

"The creative ideas are fun because everyone gets involved with them."

Other videos posted to his YouTube channel, Viva Random, a "zany" supplement to his larger law-themed channel, Viva Frei, show he and his family engage in activities as diverse as snail racing and hand-sanitizer making.

The dirty sock dartboard video is beginning to gain traction. It was first reported by Storyful and Yahoo News.

As for neighbours' reactions to his projects, Freiheit says they're receptive.

"I sort of got a reputation on the block now," he explained, laughing.

"Nobody blinks twice!"

If you've found a creative way to have fun while social distancing, share it with us on Facebook and Instagram.

Stay tuned for more Montreal antics.

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