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This Nature Park In Quebec Lets You Spend Your Day With Wolves

You can even sleep with them!
This Nature Park In Quebec Lets You Spend Your Day With Wolves

There is something about wolves that has always intrigued me. As a proud dog mom, perhaps it is my motherly instinct that draws me to this impressive canine. I have always dreamt about what it would be like to be able to play with one of these magnificent animals. Luckily for me, my dream may turn into a reality because right here in Quebec is a nature park where you can interact with the majestic creatures of the forest. I can barely contain my excitement as I scroll through photos and videos on social media of this dream-like destination so close to home. 

Wolves are often viewed as scary or vicious creatures. In reality, they only go on the defence when it is completely necessary and at Aventuraid Parc Mahikan, visitors can experience their sweetness for themselves. 

According to the park website, its mission to connect humans and wolves was born out of a “passion for this mythical and fascinating animal." 

Aventuraid Parc is home to 3 different wolf packs. "Shy and discreet," the gray wolves "are the closest to wild wolves by their behaviour, and with patience, you can observe them in their natural environment." 

The arctic wolves, by contrast, are curious creatures who, the website explains, are eager to approach visitors. The young arctic wolves even follow visitors from a distance.

An additional pack of pregnant and mama wolves means visitors may have the chance to spot some puppies.

Then, there are Craos and Makia, who were unable to be reintroduced into one of the existing packs, instead developing close relationships with the dogs on the property. 

In addition to wolf encounters, Aventuraid Parc hosts a number of wintertime activities, including several dog sled tours through nature.

For those seeking an intense, immersive experience, the dog sledding "expeditions" last 12 days and 11 nights.

But best of all, there are a variety of properties where you can stay overnight to make the most of this unique adventure. 

Though the yurt offers perhaps the most rustic experience, the treehouse with large windows might give you the best view of the nature and wolves around you.

The park insists on a "humane and responsible" approach to care for its animals. On its website, it devotes an entire page to outlining its code of ethics and obligations.

But everything is designed to give visitors "an unforgettable supervised experience in a kingdom where adventure merges with the horizon."

Instead of complaining about the snow, you can become Jon Snow and have this epic Game Of Thrones moment, right here in Quebec. 

Aventuraid Parc

Where: 2395 rang de la Pointe; Girardville Centre, Quebec

Contact the park here for specific information about prices and visiting times.


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