This Netflix 'Umbrella Academy' Star Lives In Montreal (Exclusive Photos)

The new Netflix shows features two Canadian stars.
This Netflix 'Umbrella Academy' Star Lives In Montreal (Exclusive Photos)

We've already talked about TheUmbrella Academy, one of the best new shows on Netflix right now. The show, based on a comic book by My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way, follows young superheroes who are trying to save the world.

We already know that one star of the show, Ellen Page, is Canadian. It turns out that there's another cast member who is one of our own. His name is Cameron Brodeur, and he lives right here in Montreal!

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TL;DR "The Umbrella Academy" star Cameron Brodeur lives right here in Montreal, and we've got the backstage photos to prove it.

The young actor already has a few impressive shows on his CV: from playing Soren on SYFY's show Helix to the movie Amber Alert.

Via Shena Cameron-Prihoda

In The Umbrella Academy, he plays the role of Young Luther. Luther in the series is played by Game of Thrones star Tom Hopper.

The Umbrella Academy was actually filmed in Canada — Toronto to be more precise. Filming took place last year, between January and July.

Via Shena Cameron-Prihoda

Since the show was released, it's been all people can talk about. People love the storyline, which follows a gang of dysfunctional superheroes who try to save the world. 

From the cinematography to the musical soundtrack, this show hits all the right notes. This show is all the more exciting to watch now that you know you can keep an eye out in Montreal for one of its stars!


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