This New App Will Help You Find Secret, Cheap Parking Spots In Montreal

Rover Parking takes the headache out of finding a spot.
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This New App Will Help You Find Secret, Cheap Parking Spots In Montreal

Montreal is notorious for being a difficult city to find parking. Our signs are confusing, our parking meters are expensive and broken down, and our parking restrictions are plentiful. Not only that but many neighbourhoods require you to have a "vignette" — the dreaded paid numbered sticker that is the bane of every Montreal driver. 

If you want to park indoors, the average cost of a parking spot in downtown Montreal is upwards of $250 per month or more!

Daily parking? Be prepared to pay some $30 per day in some downtown garages. That's $900 a month if you're parking downtown every single day. 

Ever wonder if there's an easier way to park in the city? Well, now there is! Rover Parking, a service that bills itself as "the Airbnb of parking," recently began operations in Montreal after successful runs in Toronto and Ottawa. Rover provides an easy-to-use app where parking spot owners can earn hundreds of dollars per month of extra income. 

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According to its website, "Rover connects empty and unused parking spots with those looking for affordable and convenient parking."

Rover claims to provide an "enhanced parking experience" where users can save money and find parking in a convenient fashion. Parking with Rover generally costs 35% less than traditional parking services. 

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As of right now, there are over 60 parking spots available on Rover, with more appearing every single day. With more people embracing crowd-sourcing, expect Rover to be a consistent fixture in this city for years to come.

Keep in mind that parking in Montreal gets increasingly difficult with each passing year, so Rover could potentially become an invaluable service. 

Rover sources its parking spot availability from users who can list their parking spots on the app. For example, if you own parking space in downtown Montreal, you can earn some $125 per month from your listing. 

People who list their spots have complete control over their parking schedules and can easily control who uses their spot with Rover's easy-to-use app. You can list spots in apartment buildings, businesses, parking lots, condos, and more. 

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You can find parking in the heart of downtown Montreal for as little as $8 per day!

Download Rover Parking today to get started! Find your super secret and cheap parking spot today. 

Check out the Rover website here!

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