Nobu Lab is one of the newest players in the Montreal restaurant scene. The pink paradise tucked away on rue Sainte-Catherine near Concordia is built to give customers the sensation of entering a world of fantasy and sweets. The owner of Nobu Lab wants to give patrons a cool hang-out where they can take pictures, relax, and forget their problems. 

This establishment is a great place for a date, a girls' night, and for nearby university students, an awesome spot to just hang in between classes. 

The extensive menu at Nobu Lab is filled with sweet and savoury treats and concoctions that make the restaurant stand out among its neighbours in the Shaughnessy Village neighbourhood.

The creamy bobo milk tea with oreo, for example, tastes as though a milkshake and bubble tea had a baby.

The sweet, frothy texture is the stuff of dreams and available for between $6.95 and $7.95, depending on the size.

For those with a proclivity for fruitier sweets, there's the Extreme Peach Puree Slush, a popular drink in China, which ranges between $6.99 and $7.99.

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The cold, authentic peach-flavoured drink has a soft texture that makes it more of a juice than a slush puppy. 

To balance all the sweet, there are savoury menu items like the popcorn chicken — sure to be a favourite among peckish university students.

The mightly flavour in these little pieces of heavenly chicken will give KFC a run for its money.

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The complementary spicy powder makes for a tangy snack with a kick of spice that is to die for. 

Also on the menu are traditional Country-Style Pancakes, which will cost you $8.99. 

The hearty dish is a combination of sausage, egg, Chinese cilantro, spices, and green onion all wrapped up in a cold noodle.

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But perhaps the highlight of the menu is its most classic dessert: a smooth, rich tiramisu with seemingly enhanced fluffiness.

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Everything about this place is cool. From the fantasy-like decor and the pink and gold colour-scheme to the variety of flavours that come out of the kitchen, Nobu Kitchen is a great addition to the Montreal food scene. 

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Nobu Lab opens on January 2, 2020!

Nobu Lab

Address: 1832 Rue Ste-Cathrine O.

When: After January 2, 2020

Why You Need To Go: To immerse yourself in a pink paradise with some sweet treats and savoury snacks!