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This New Montreal Spot Sells Fried Chicken By The Bucket

And towering servings of French fries!
This New Montreal Spot Sells Fried Chicken By The Bucket

Montreal has a new fried chicken spot where you can buy pieces by the bucket! Ready to give KFC a run for its money, this restaurant is located on Van Horne in Outremont. 

A few friends from the Monreal restaurant scene decided to come together and create Roch le Coq, and we are so grateful that they did. 

Chef Guillaume Daly told MTL Blog that the group of guys had been talking about opening a “simple fried chicken joint with soul food for a long time."

Three elements were essential to the founders of Roch le Coq: providing Montreal locals with “great fried chicken" "at a great price" in a "friendly environment." They get their chickens from Ferme Des Voltigeurs, so you can be assured that they were grain-fed.

The boys in the kitchen try to make as much “in house” as possible to give an authentic and homemade taste, which is what will keep clients coming back for more. 

If you are searching for a new lunch or dinner spot or even a quick place to grab a snack during your busy day, look no further because Roch Le Coq has got you covered.

This alluring restaurant has a great take out counter that can seat 30 guests comfortably. So, if you are looking for that in-house dining experience, Roch le Coq is calling your name.

And, to add to the greatness of Roch le Coq, as of October 13, they will officially have their alcohol license, making this an epic eatery to consider for your next night out.

If you are looking to pig out on some decadent eats while getting your drink on, this is the spot for you.

Not to mention that they serve buckets of moist and crispy fried chicken. Seriously, what more can you ask for? Roch le Coq is turning eating greasy food into a classy experience. 

Montreal is already home to so many amazing restaurants, but I must say, as someone who adores fried chicken, I am thrilled that a new player has entered our city's game. 

If you end up trying Roch le Coq, make sure to tell us what you think! 

Roch le Coq 

Price: Fried chicken buckets between $25 and $44. 

Cuisine: Fried chicken and various other comfort foods. 

Address: 1541 ave. Van Horne

Why You Need To Go: They sell fried chicken in buckets, need I say more?

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