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You Have To Go To This Old School Drive-In Movie Theatre 30-Minutes Outside Montreal

The Ciné-Parc Saint-Eustache is screening films all season long!
You Have To Go To This Old School Drive-In Movie Theatre 30-Minutes Outside Montreal

Usually, Ciné-Parc Saint-Eustache opens up late April, but with all this terrible weather we've been having, it's not a huge surprise that we've been left waiting this long.

The good news is the infamous Drive-In movie theatre is now open for the season, so if you've been looking to get out of the city and take in a couple movies, your wait is over!

In fact, you can already find out what movies they have playing right now!

Cine-Parc Saint-Eustache is located at 455 ave Mathers in Sainte-Eustache, just a 30-minute drive from Montreal and right off the Autoroute 13 North.

They have five screens where they show movies in both English and French so anyone and everyone can come and watch a flick or two under the stars. English movies happen on Thursdays, so plan your next date there, why don't ya?!

Thursdays they also have a double-bill where you can watch two movies back-to-back!

Movies playing right now include the all-new live-action Disney remake of Aladdin and Dumbo, Godzilla, Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, Ma, Us, John Wick 3, Long Shot and more.

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Movies start whenever it gets dark, so to give you specific show times is difficult, but you can call Cine-Parc Saint-Eustache at (450) 472-6660 anytime after 6 PM to find out what is playing and exactly when.

They also have something I've never seen before at a Drive-In! They make cars of a certain height park behind a white line so that no one's view is blocked.

You can check to see if your car is on this list right here.

Prices are as follows:

13-years and older: $10

65-years and older: $7

Tuesdays & Wednesdays: $6

Holidays: $10

To make payment a speedy process, they currently only take cash.

Also available at the Drive-In is food, ice-cream and arcades!

There's even a flea market on site. What doesn't this place have?

WHAT: Old-fashioned Drive-In movie theatre Cine-Parc Saint-Eustache

WHEN: Movies start when it gets dark. Check tentative showtimes here.

WHERE: 455 ave Mathers in Sainte-Eustache

COST: $10 for adults, other prices listed above.

REMINDER: Cine-Parc Saint-Eustache is cash only.

To get all the information on Cine-Parc Saint-Eustache, including the FM frequencies needed to hear the movies, rules, and more head to their website here. They also have a Facebook page that you can find right here.