This Popular Montreal Car Dealership Is Buying Literally Any Car

The perfect solution if you're looking to sell or upgrade.

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  • HGrégoire is Quebec’s leading pre-owned car dealership and makes selling your car a breeze.
  • Fill out HGrégoire’s easy online car valuation form to get a price estimate for your used car.
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With winter having unapologetically arrived, Montrealers everywhere are scrambling to schedule appointments to install their winter tires. But what if you need more than just a change of seasonal wheels to combat the (oftentimes) treacherous winter elements this year?

If you’re thinking that it might finally be time to upgrade your car — or to just get rid of it entirely — the mere thought of the effort you’ll need to pour into selling your ride can be enough for you to defer this idea entirely. Luckily, there’s a much easier and more efficient alternative to posting countless Kijiji ads to sell your vehicle that actually guarantees you a fair market price: selling your car to HGrégoire, Quebec’s leading used car dealership.

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HGrégoire has been a staple in Montreal’s pre-owned car business for decades (since 1993, in fact) and they’re a leader in this industry for a reason! They’re Quebec’s most reliable and trusted source for both buying and selling used vehicles, whose brand mission is to make the entire process easy for all consumers. 

So, how do you go about selling your old vehicle to HGrégoire? Simply visit their website and fill out their online form by providing details about the automobile in question. Their experienced sales experts will then conduct a succinct analysis of your vehicle’s worth compared to the current market prices in order to provide you with a fair quote.

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If you’re just looking to sell your car and not purchase a new one, no sweat; you’re under absolutely no obligation to purchase a car from HGrégoire if you only wish to sell your preloved automobile to them. They’re here to make your car-selling experience as enjoyable as possible!

For the last quarter of a century, HGrégoire has been steadily gaining momentum as one of the biggest companies in the used-vehicle business. What began as one location in St-Eustache has since evolved into 30 stores throughout North America and counting, meaning there’s bound to be one near you.

All store locations are open seven days a week, and their car valuation form is available online to fill out at your convenience. Prefer more of a customized, one-on-one approach? Head over to one of their many branch locations and one of HGrégoire’s experts will be happy to evaluate your car for you right on the spot! And guess what? If you agree on the price, you'll receive your cheque right then and there!

Ready to sell your car? Complete HGrégoire’s online car valuation now — it only takes a couple of minutes!

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Sell Your Car To HGrégoire

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Where: Online or at one of their branch locations

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