This Poutine Was Just Voted Best In Montreal At Poutine Week 2019

Drumroll please...
This Poutine Was Just Voted Best In Montreal At Poutine Week 2019

Montreal's annualPoutine Week is a recurring event we wait all year for. The weeklong festival brings together restaurants from all over Montreal, and pits creative minds against one another. The goal? To create the ultimate poutine.

Each year, we see a lot of delicious entries, from La Belle Tonkinoise's Vietnamese take on poutine to Dirty Dog's Chikn'MacWaffle.

Restaurant goers are given the opportunity to vote for their favourite poutine. And, this year, the winner is "La VV Tavernä's" Beef Wellington Poutine. This is the second year in a row that they win the public's vote for poutine week.

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TL;DR La VV Tavernä par Le Gras Dur won this year's "People's Choice Award" at Poutine Week in Montreal, with a new Beef Wellington Poutine.

La VV Taverna is part of Le Gras Dur, a group of food trucks in Montreal. The restaurant is before all else a bar that seeks to elevate bar food. And, this year, they succeeded.

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The Beef Wellington Poutine consists of the classic fries and cheese curds. It is then topped with a peppercorn gravy, red-wine braised beef, mushrooms, and caramelised onions. Then, they add a traditional French puffed pastry. It looks absolutely delicious.

No wonder it was voted the best poutine in Montreal.

More info about la VV Tavernä can be found here! They are open Tuesday-Sunday. 

Stay tuned for more results from Poutine Week 2019. Check out the Poutine Week website here!


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