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This Strange Video Of Justin Trudeau Casually Walking Through Montreal Is Mesmerizing And We Don't Know Why

He's making his way downtown, walking fast, faces pass and he's homebound.
This Strange Video Of Justin Trudeau Casually Walking Through Montreal Is Mesmerizing And We Don't Know Why

Justin Trudeau is in Montreal today, for what his office is calling "private meetings." The Prime Minister of Canada has in fact been here since yesterday, and he has been meeting with various residents and taking photos.

Today, it appears that Trudeau wants to meet more people by walking up and down the streets of Villeray.

Earlier today, he was spotted ambling through the neighbourhood at the corner of rue St-Denis and rue de Liège. The hilarious video shows him strolling through the street and waving at passers-by, who are absolutely unfazed by the events unfolding.

This objectively completely normal video of the Prime Minister of Canada walking casually down the street is, for some reason, weirdly captivating and we can't stop watching.

You can watch the video, which was shared with MTL Blog by Tran JBui, below:

There's something particularly cringeworthy about the Prime Minister's confident, swaggering demeanor.

I venture that it's the fact that he is trying to look casual: the slow pace, the controlled swaying of the hips and the bemused half-smile are almost normal — almost.

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However, it's painfully obvious that this isn't just some casual walk to his next meeting, and is more likely and opportunity for the Prime Minister to meet Montrealers and get good press.

What makes matters worse is the fact that absolutely no one seems to care. He waves and smiles his charming smile at one lady who passes him on the sidewalk, and she has zero reaction whatsoever.

The only things that could possibly have made this video more embarrassing in a, "how do you do, fellow kids?" kind of way would have been to see the PM on a Lime scooter. Or falling into a pothole. Or falling into a pothole while on a Lime scooter.

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