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This Terrifying Nighttime Corn Maze In Laval Is Opening Next Month

It's an A-mazing maze through a field of maize! Ok, that's enough.
This Terrifying Nighttime Corn Maze In Laval Is Opening Next Month

Fields of corn will always have a certain creepy factor: Children of the Corn, A Quiet Place, Husk (that one still gives me chills). 

But if you're the type of person that likes it when the hairs on the back of your neck raise or you just want to start practicing for Halloween, then this corn maze not 60 minutes out of Montreal is the place to go.

The Laval maze at Ferme BM Forget is open during the day, which is terrifying enough, but it will soon also be open for night adventures

The field is over five football fields large (nearly seven acres) and this year they have increased the level of difficulty for winding your way through the puzzle. 

Once you arrive at the farm, a tractor will bring you to the entrance of the labyrinth. There are two courses; the first is only 25 minutes, after which you can choose to continue on to the second course, which takes about an hour. If you scream, will there be anyone to come and find you? 

Yes, of course, there will be. 

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There are clues throughout and if you can solve them all you'll be eligible for the end-of-season draw — though no word on what the prize is yet. 

The date for the night maze hasn't been set yet but should be open by the end of August. Keep an eye out on their Facebook page for more updates.

If you want to do something a little more wholesome and a little less John Carpenter, you can always pick raspberries or strawberries at the farm. Just bring your own reusable container, because there's nothing scarier than nonreusable plastic. 

Corn Maze at Ferme BM Forget

WHEN: Opens August 3rd from 9 AM to 4 PM 

WHERE: 7901 Marcel-Villeneuve Avenue, Laval

COST $7.50 for adults (14 years and over)


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