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This Viral Video About The City's Perseverance Will Make You Proud To Be A Montrealer

Just try not to cry.
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This Viral Video About Montreal's Perseverance Will Make You Proud To Live Here
  • A video about Montreal's perseverance in this time of crisis has gone viral, earning thousands of reactions and shares on Facebook.
  • The man behind the project tells MTL Blog that his mission was to inspire city residents.

With streets and shops empty and festivals cancelled, there's nothing left to see but the city's tremendous solidarity. The current situation, though difficult, has exposed the very best of Montreal. And one videographer set out to capture it.

In a video titled "Montreal Together," Matthew Smith puts the city's lockdown into perspective, arguing that it represents our collective "fight" rather than "weakness."

"Just because we are not physically together, does not mean we are not in this together," a voice explains as photos of deserted squares and hopeful messages move across the screen.

"There is no doubt that the past month has been life-changing for so many people," he wrote in the Facebook video caption.

"I made this video with one wish in mind. To inspire the city of Montreal and remind everyone that we are in this together, for each other."

"We will beat this. And when we do, we will come back stronger than ever."

The video has been shared over 11,000 times and garnered 4,500 reactions.

"Hopefully it can spread some positivity," Smith told MTL Blog.

See the video below.

"It's not the first time we've been challenged. It won't be the last," the voice in the video continues.

"In times like these, we can show what we're made of."

"We will beat this, and when we do, we will emerge stronger than ever."

Smith's video is just the latest demonstration of Montreal's perseverance.

The rainbow drawings adorning windows across the city have become the unofficial symbol of residents' effort to support their communities.

What began as a project for children is now reflected nightly on some of the city's most iconic structures, including the Olympic Tower, Champlain and Cartier Bridges.

Heroes are everywhere.

If you spot an act of kindness in your community, let us know about it on Facebook and Instagram.

Stay tuned.

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    Thomas MacDonald
    Senior Editor
    Thomas MacDonald is a Senior Editor for MTL Blog focused on Montreal public transit and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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