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This Website Tells You Which Loto-Québec Scratch Tickets Have The Best Odds Of Winning

This Website Tells You Which Loto-Québec Scratch Tickets Have The Best Odds Of Winning

Scratch tickets are a fun little "guilty pleasure" we've all indulged in at least once. 

Winning the lottery jackpot might seem impossible, but scratch tickets offer way better odds of winning a small or even a large prize. 

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They also make great stocking stuffers for Christmas.  

But if you're going to buy a scratch ticket you don't want to buy the older ones because most of the big prizes have already been claimed.

Luckily for you Loto-Quebec's website has a whole section that tell exactly which prizes have been claimed for every scratch ticket, so you'll know exactly which ones are more likely to pay off. 

For example “The Winner For Life” tickets offer 5 different prizes of 1,000 a week for life. But if all of the big prizes had already been claimed, it wouldn't be much fun to play. 

As you can see, only 2 of the 5 prizes have been claimed, so your odds of winning the jackpot are still pretty good. 

Via lotoquebec

On the other hand there's no point in buying a "Scrabble" ticket because nearly every single prize has already been claimed and the maximum prize you can win is $300 instead of $30,000

Via lotoquebec

So the next time you consider purchasing one of these scratch tickets, take a minute to verify the prize status and your odds of winning will be much better. 


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