Thousands Of Hydro-Québec Customers Are Without Power Due To Extreme Weather Conditions

The number of people without power today continues to rise.
Thousands Of Hydro-Québec Customers Are Without Power Due To Extreme Weather Conditions

Overnight, Quebec went from being a winter nightmare complete with mountains of snow and frigid temperatures to full-force spring, except the snow didn't get the memo so now most of the province is basically underwater. 

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TL;DR As of earlier today, at least 41,000 Quebec residents are without power after freezing rain conditions. Hydro-Québec has announced that they're handling the issue, but residents will most likely be without power for a while. More details below.

Because of these sudden conditions, roads and walkways are covered in dangerous ice, which was accompanied by freezing rain. Over the last few hours, so many accidents have taken place that the City of Montreal released a warning to residents, asking them to stay indoors unless completely necessary.

The only problem with staying indoors today is that at least 41,000 Quebec residents are currently dealing with no power whatsoever due to the storm conditions across the province.

As of right now 2,000 people in Montreal alone are without power, with thousands more scattered across Quebec. Hydro-Québec announced today that they've asked their teams to report to areas without power early to solve the issue, except it looks like thousands more have lost power since this morning. There's no word yet on when power will be restored to these areas.

De nombreuses pannes affectent la couronne nord de Montréal, notamment Laval, Blainville, Sainte-Therese et Boisbriand. Nous avons demandé à nos équipes de se présenter au travail plus tôt. Nous espérons rétablir le tout dans la matinée. Merci de votre patience et prudence!

January 24, 2019

To make matters worse, around midnight a city truck collided with a hydro pole in Pierrefonds, leaving thousands of residents without power for the rest of the night. Since then electricity has been restored to the area, but many other Quebec residents are still in the dark (literally).

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With freezing rain continuing into the evening, there is potential for even more Quebecers to lose power today.

Stay tuned for more updates on Quebec's extreme weather.


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