Thousands Of People In Montreal Without Power After Car Crashes Into Hydro Quebec Power Line

As of the time of writing, over ten thousand Hydro Quebec customers are without power in the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce neighbourood of Montreal. 

According to the Hydro Quebec website, an "accident" has caused the latest outage.

We spoke to a Hydro Quebec representative who explained that a car crashed into a pole carrying a power line, forcing the company to cut power to the entire area until firefighters can safely control the scene of the crash.

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TLDR: Over ten thousand Montreal residents are without power after a car crashed into a pole carrying electricity lines. There is no estimate as to when power will be fully restored.

Via Google Maps via Hydro Quebec

Hydro Quebec tells Narcity and MTLBlog that the area of the outage will likely be reduced as officials secure the immediate area. Though power will not be fully restored until firefighters give the okay. There is so far no estimate as to when that might be.

The Hydro website still states that power should have been restored around 5:45-6:15 PM. We are getting reports from NDG residents that the area is in a total blackout.

This outage comes just one week after a major outage affected much of the Montreal area. Over 100,000 people were without power after a breaker cut power as a precautionary measure, according to the Montreal Gazette. Hydro Quebec is currently investigating that circumstances that led to that incident.

There are also no updates as to the circumstances of the car crash that produced this latest outage.

UPDATE 17:12: power has been restored to at least some NDG customers.

UPDATE 18:48: the outage is now confined to about 1,000 Hydro customers in NDG.

Stay tuned for updates.